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The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling in the Philippines

With schools in the Philippines preparing to shift to distance learning because of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents may now be considering homeschooling for their children. And as a student stuck at home, it may have crossed your mind many times these past few months. 

So what exactly is homeschooling any way? 

Homeschooling is an alternative mode of learning which aims to provide students with equal access to quality basic education through a home-based environment, to be facilitated by qualified parents, guardians or tutors who have undergone relevant training.

It has long been present in the Philippines, way before the pandemic even started. In fact, Article XIV, Section 2(2) of the Philippine Constitution states that the country will “establish and maintain a system of free public education in the elementary and high school levels. Without limiting the natural right of parents to rear their children…”

With average homeschooling costs in the Philippines at around Php25,000, what are the pros and cons that you would need to consider?


  • Parents have a more direct role in the child’s learning
  • They would know firsthand if their child is learning something
  • They can build stronger relationships with their children
  • Homeschooling can reduce education costs
  • Family activities can be integrated into the curriculum
  • More personalized learning
  • And technically, there’s no homework!


  • Because parents have to handle everything, it can mean more work and stress for them
  • Homeschooling can also affect family income because parents have less time for work
  • Some homeschooled kids develop a smaller circle of friends
  • Less daily interaction with students of your age group

Are you considering homeschooling for this coming school year? Check out this article for a quick rundown of how to start your homeschooling journey! 

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