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Top Online Tambayans for You and Your Club

It looks like distance learning is here to stay – for a while, at least.

We totally get it. Safety first. But we can’t help but be just a teensy bit sad that we won’t get to experience being with our barkada. One of the best parts about university life is definitely your college fam – whether it’s your blockmates at your favorite hangout spot or orgmates at your tambayan. They may not sound like much yet, but you’ll be looking back fondly on your first day high, tipid lunch hacks, and the extracurricular activities that kept you busy.

We’ve been asked to think out of the box and spice things up a bit – school included. But relaks ka lang, because thanks to the Internet, the world has found a way to make things as close to normal as possible. I mean, thank god for modern technology, amirite?

Because of the Internet, you and your barkada can still be together even when you’re (physically) apart. So take a break from your Zoom e-numans and Telegram chats. Instead, go check out these online platforms and communities who might just share the same interests as you.


Discord is a communication app which doubles as a digital hangout space. You can create “rooms” based on a specific topic where you can freely talk to each other – text, voice, and video – about anything from a new recipe you’re trying out or the much awaited PS5 release date.

Anyone can use Discord, but it’s particularly popular in the gaming community. It has unique features for gamers, like how it lets them stream while playing. This makes it easy for multiplayers to coordinate tactics and helps advance those looking to rank up. GG mga mamsir!

Isipin mo Viber, pero for gaming. A hundred times better,” says Jaime Juarez, a former Architecture student and avid user of the platform. “Work is exhausting. It’s nice to be in game with my seal team and Discord makes it easier, kasi I can see what the others are doing. I can strategize. Usual game night…except wala kami sa parehong kwarto.”

For the gamers out there, Discord might be worth checking out (if you aren’t already on it) with your group for the next game night!

Now speaking of games…


Keeping active can be one of the trickier parts of remote learning. After all, sports exercises not just the body but the mind, too. We’re pretty sure athletes (and sports fans) all over the world were pretty disappointed when leagues were postponed and training was cut. Heck, even the Olympics was put on hold!

In response to the current state of the athletic community, a group of female football players have found a way to come together, even off the pitch. #GrowHerGame, an initiative launched by Pinay Futbol, is an avenue for members of the Filipina football community to share their stories and be heard. The pilot episode aired last April 23, kicking things off (get it?) with members of the Philippine Women’s National Football Team (PWNT).

“#GrowHerGame showcases the latest on the local scene and highlights members of the football community,” Camille Rodriguez proudly says, “pero yung spotlight, di lang siya for senior players like me. It also goes to youth team players, youth female and club team coaches, Girls Got Game, and female referees.” Rodriguez, a PWNT forward, explains that the Philippines has no independent women’s football association like its neighboring countries. “Kaya we don’t always have a say in sharing resources. But I’m proud. GHG is a strong movement,” she shares, “I’m humbled to belong to this community of female athletes.”

More than staying connected with the football community during these uncertain times, #GrowHerGame is a forum where members can brainstorm on what can be done to develop the women’s game and what needs to continue to keep growing her game. “PH Women’s football has been enjoying a kind of boom in the last few years,” shares Mia Montayre, Media Officer of Pinay Futbol, “but then the pandemic happened. We can’t just let the progress go to waste. We had to keep the conversation going.”

And sure enough, it has kept going with the recent airing of their 15th episode (more if you count their VisMin ones!). Catch #GrowHerGame which airs every Thursday, 3PM, on the Pinay Futbol Facebook page.

And speaking of Facebook pages…

Coffee Home Brewers

Where have you bean all my life? A Facebook group “for and about coffee,” Coffee Home Brewers is a space where people passionately share their morning brew videos, their favorite kind of beans and their tasting notes, and post pics of their enviable barista nooks at home. Starbucks is shaking!

We know what you’re thinking. “Di naman ako mahilig sa kape. 3-in-1 lang goods na,” and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s something alluring about the art of coffee – it’s a language in itself, speaks volumes on its own, and best enjoyed in the company of others, whether it’s a good pour over or cold brew with milk and caramel syrup. In fact, different countries all over the world have their own ways of enjoying a cup of joe.

And don’t worry! You don’t have to be a barista or a ‘coffee expert’ to join Coffee Home Brewers. They’re extremely welcoming to newbies and encourage interaction among members of the community. What you really need to be worried about is falling into the rabbit hole and adding things to your cart… new beans, a new French press, an origami dripper… you get the picture. Beware sa brewdol!

You’re never too old (or too young for that matter!) to appreciate the art of coffee. Who knows, you might be hosting your barkada’s next coffee cupping session (online, of course). Better latte than never!

Whether it’s over a shared interest or a common advocacy, it’s pretty amazing how people are able to connect with each other in the digital sphere. Are there any other activities you enjoy? Find your extra-curricular club through the Keep Moving Together Quest and check out Edukasyon.ph for other things you can do alongside this time of distance learning!