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Your Ultimate School Comeback Playlist

It’s officially back-to-school season for everyone — well, more like back-to-Zoom season. And like our favorite K-pop groups, homework, class projects and term papers are for sure making a comeback. And whether you’re dreading having to wake up early, or excited to say hi to your new classmates virtually, there is a song for your back-to-school mewd. 

So let’s build this playlist together! We’ll kick it off, but make sure to add your top picks in the comments below.

BTS – Dynamite 

Need a song to pull you up from bed? Listen to Bangtan’s new release. It’s just got “wake up it’s gonna be a good day” written all over it. 

Twice – More and More 

Need BG music while scanning through your new modules? Go play Twice’s More and More para feel na feel mo ang full coverage ng finals exam mo

this school year. 

SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. ‘별의 동화 (Midnight Story)

If you want to concentrate and go deep on study mode, check out Midnight Story by Super Junior-K.R.Y.

Black Pink – Ice Cream 

Or if you just really need something to get you hyped for heading back to school— Blackpink’s new single with Selena Gomez can definitely do the job.

Bonus: Check out this spotify playlist specially made for you! 

So there’s your ultimate school comeback playlist to listen to. With the right determination and motivation, you can get through this school year alive and kicking! *Fighting* 

What songs are in your back-to-school playlist? 👇