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3 Fun Things You Can Do In Cebu With Your School Barkada

Cebu City is a prime destination for people who wish to experience the vibrant culture and natural wonders of the Philippines. You’ll never run out of fun things to do in Cebu, also known as the crown jewel of Visayas. While locals and foreigners flock to the city every year for the Sinulog festival, the wonders of Cebu are available all year round! Plan your next barkada trip in this amazing city.

Here are three things you can do in Cebu with your friends: 

1. Fun in the sun 

If you and your college buddies are planning to visit Cebu or if you are native Cebuanos, don’t forget to see the warm beaches and rocky cliffs for yourself. Cebu boasts multiple famous beaches such as the Bantayan, Malapascua, and Sumilon islands. Travelers journey from across the world for a chance to experience these beaches, and you and your friends don’t have to travel that far to visit these beautiful destinations! 

If beaches aren’t your speed, you can try the Pico Osmeña mountain peak for a high altitude thrill. Estimated to be one of the highest points in Cebu, Osmeña Peak is the place to go for all your mountain hiking needs.

But if you’re afraid of heights, Cebu also hides deep and mysterious caves like the Guadalupe cave. Just make sure to always have a trained tour guide with you, and never go alone! 

2. Fun in the shade 

If beaches and outdoor adventures turn out to be too expensive or time-consuming, why not take advantage of the many culinary spots in Cebu? A Filipino favorite and Cebu staple is lechon, a whole roasted pig often served in large events such as weddings, birthdays, and fiestas. Restaurants all over Cebu serve traditional Cebuano lechon; you and your friends would easily find a lechon restaurant in most malls around Cebu so you can enjoy this famous delicacy. 

3. Fun with history

Cebu has a storied past as one of the first major settlements to be claimed by Spanish colonizers. This rich history is still very present around Cebu today in the form of museums, exhibits, and historical sites. Magellan’s cross, one of the country’s earliest foreign structures, was planted in Cebu back in 1521. The structure was believed to be a Christian cross planted by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers headed by Ferdinand Magellan. Meanwhile, the statue of Lapu-Lapu (widely known as the first Filipino hero) is also located in the Mactan Shrine area. Lapu-Lapu’s monument stands tall, symbolizing the country’s first successful resistance to Spanish colonization. 

Enjoy yourself in sunny Cebu

Anything can be fun as long as you’re with the right people, especially your school barkada. Cebu city is an amazing place for any group of friends to experience a fun and exciting timefrom sunny beaches and coves, delicious Cebuano delicacies, to historical escapades. Cebu has something to offer for all kinds of people, visitors and locals alike!


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