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5 Classic High School Movies That’ll Teach You Self-Love

“You’re not thin enough”

“You’re not pretty enough”

“You’re not smart enough”

There are days when it’s hard to love the person in the mirror, days when the voices seem stronger and louder (read: send help!!). It’s real and it’s hard. Have you ever had one of those days?

not listening
In a world where beauty has been defined into some sort of “standards,” there’s great comfort in little reminders that beauty doesn’t have to look a certain way… because tbh, it really doesn’t. It comes in all shapes, colors and forms so there’s no reason to throw a pity party and give in to those little voices.

If ever you find yourself chilling in front of a laptop and your insecurities start creeping in, keep your tabs open for these high school movie classics to remind you what self-love is all about:  


1. The Breakfast Club  

Nope, you don’t have to be in detention to realize who you really are. But just in case, watching these five unlikely group of students might just help! When the world tries to dictate who you should be (read: labels, anyone?), taking time to figure out who you really are is more than just writing a thousand-word essay. Whether you’re a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal, there’s always room for self-love—regardless of how the world sees you.

the breakfast club movie


2. The Princess Diaries

Who can ever forget their awkward stages in life? Oh, all those attempts to act normal (and look normal) that always seem to fall short no matter how hard we try! But Mia Thermopolis, or rather Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, knows better. Whether you’re already confident about yourself or still waiting for the normal body parts to arrive, there’s no other way to go through these teenage years than embracing who you really are—even if you find out you’re actually a princess or not.

princess diaries movie


3. 13 Going on 30

No one knows what “life starts at 30” means better than Jenna Rink! If you’ve been wanting to grow up (fast!!) and just can’t wait to be thirty, flirty and thriving in life, then watching this movie might give you the ultimate ~feels~. Sometimes, it’s those little moments we take for granted that make us realize just how beautiful life is one day at a time. Want to slow down and appreciate your teenage years more? Catch up on this!

13 going on 30 movie


4. Mean Girls 

What are teenage years without the high school barkada? Tbh, they can make any school day a party! When social cliques become more than just a sociology lesson, you can bet on Cady Heron to teach you that finding yourself doesn’t have to mean losing yourself to the pressures of fitting in (read: she learned it the hard way). Who can accept someone who can’t accept themselves, right? Guess self-love can’t get any realer than this. *snaps plastic tiara*

mean girls movie


5. High School Musical

In as much as we want to skip this one, we simply just can’t. Tbh, how can the Wildcats NOT be in the list? Just look at all those hearts poured out into impromptu singing with matching choreography #realtalk. When high school feels a lot like being something just because “it’s the status quo,” you can break free and let your inner Gabriella Montes or Troy Bolton take the lead. Because tbh, you don’t have to choose between your passions. It makes up you! So, why not do both?

high school musical movie


Bonus material: TV shows!

Boys Over Flowers

Just in case you need more self-love advice from a chingu, Geum Jan-di is willing to help! This heroine is known for fearlessly standing up to the injustices done by F4 a.k.a the most popular and powerful group of boys at Shinhwa High School (not to mention, tall, rich, and handsome!!) so you can be assured that she knows what she’s talking about. Watch for the self-love advice, stay for F4’s character development. (Warning: the feels are too real!)  

School 2017

There’s more to school than doing homework and attending lectures. It’s where most, if not all, students learn the most about themselves and develop their characters alongside their peers- despite the pressure and struggles of being a teenager. If you’re walking on the same journey to self-love, then get your bags ready and enroll yourself in a full-on marathon of this Korean drama. Hwaiting! 


Sure, self-love is easier said than done. It seems like every day’s a battle with all those social pressures and expectations to fit ourselves in a certain way. But where you feel like a square peg in a round hole, remember that you’re free to carve your own and be okay with it. The next time you need a reminder, schedule a movie night and binge-watch these films with your pals!

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