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5 Feel-Good Movies To Watch This Christmas Vacation

Oh Christmas vacation, what took you so long?

Now is the much-anticipated time of year for us to take a break, relax, and be filled with as much merriment the season can offer.

So change to your pajamas and Christmas socks, wrap yourself like a burrito if you please—or eat one—while binging on these feel-good movies:

1. The Princess Switch

Let’s start off with something new and very much in theme with the season. Duchess Margaret Delacourt in her royal, princess self, sure knows how to take a break and be carefree like what most of us are after in the coming days.

For a sweet, light, binge-watching kick-off this Christmas, here is something that teaches you that life’s surprises, despite strict plans, can take you to a different but otherwise wonderful journey.

Not to mention the movie has a good soundtrack you can add to your holiday playlist!

2. The Greatest Showman

What limit is there to dreams and imagination?

P.T. Barnum’s unusual and bizarre thinking will take you to a world of music and fireworks, bringing together the ‘oddities,’ a group of beautiful, talented people to perform in The Greatest Show. This wonderful crowd will inspire you to have more than just self-love but pride in who you are.

Truly a circus of emotions for this movie, but most definitely feel-good!

3. Home Alone 1 & 2

Imagine being left at home for Christmas as an 8-year old kid, with burglars lurking outside your home waiting for a chance to bust in and take everything precious.

Okay… maybe you’ve seen this film. Perhaps because it is such a good old Christmas classic that it’s worth getting back to at least once a year! It’s full of nothing but fun, comic mischief from Kevin McCallister that your whole family can watch. Surely, no matter how many times you’ve seen this on TV, it will still bring about a good amount of laughter and giggles.

4. Christopher Robin

Remember when we were a lot younger, when life was so simple and mostly run by our own imagination? If you get a bit nostalgic trying to think of it, you’ve probably been consumed by the demands of your work and daily routine, just like many of us!

Christopher Robin represents every person who has gone through ‘adulting’ and forgotten what it’s like to be a child full of dreams and innocent ambitions. Try to walk alongside Winnie the Pooh and his friends and look back.

5. The Breakfast Club

We all know how New Year’s resolutions can be so cliché but while taking a break from school, wouldn’t it be a good (not to mention, timely) thing to be inspired to make small changes in yourself? It doesn’t have to be written on paper or anything. The Breakfast Club might just bring about small yet significant realizations that will help you start a better 2019.

Be back at school refreshed and feeling all triumphant as your 2018 closing credits roll!