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5 Student-friendly Eats In Cebu Under P100

What do you do when food is life, but savings are lifer? Especially when you’re studying in Cebu, with all its rich cultural hot spots and sandy beaches? You need energy from filling meals to help absorb all the lectures, of course!

But at the same time, you’re trying to make the most of your allowance (since you might not have an active income yet). Before you say #YOLO and spend all your money in one go, here are complete (and cheap!) meals in Cebu for every student on a budget. 

1. Silogan ni Gian

Are you a fan of breakfast meals? Need a quick meal to go before your first class? Head to Silogan ni Gian and feast on any silog of your choosing. Did you know that silog means Filipino breakfast dishes that combine fried rice and egg? Take your pick from porkchop, hotdog, or even sinfully delicious chicken skin—order, and dig in! It’ll leave your tummy satisfied without burning a hole in your wallet! 

Bonus: the longer operating hours, simple design, and various branches make it an easy go-to for students.

  • Price: P50-P70/silog
  • Address: Various areas in Cebu

2. Karis’ Diner

Affordable yet classy, Karis’ Diner offers Filipino food at a steal for the price. Their menu includes mouthwatering favorites like gambas (shrimp), carbonara, Spanish sardines, pork belly, scallops, and fried tempura. Best of all, the portions are huge! Save up your appetite and bring your friends and family for a meal well deserved after exams. 

  • Price: Meals without drinks: P65 – P75
  • Set meal with drinks: P99
  • Address: 2 locations – Gorordo St. and Urgello St.
  • Website: www.facebook.com/karisdiner

3. Cheap Cook Cafe

The name says it all! Cheap Cook Cafe offers a variety of breakfast meals, pork, fish dishes, and of course, desserts. The must-try dish? Their buffalo fillet meal packs a flavorful punch (read: lots of sauce). Their selections (around P75) already come with iced tea and rice, so you can get your fill in one meal—why not add P10 for pinipig ice cream? Leave with a huge belly and a satisfied grin! 

  • Price: P75 – P85 per meal
  • Address:  M.J. Cuenco Ave.
  • Website: www.facebook.com/CHEAPCOOK18/

4. Fidel’s Chicken Station

Seriously craving for fried chicken but have less than 50 pesos in your pocket? Taste Fidel’s Chicken Station fried chicken various and other fried food like longganisa (Spanish sausage) and tortang alimasag (crab patties) with sweet, glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. Enjoy the stickiness and aroma of the banana essence as you unwrap the leaf. 

For the best experience, eat with your bare hands. Don’t be shy! You deserve a good merienda after a hard day’s work in school! 

  • Price: P70-P80 for some fried viand + puso
  • Address: Santo Rosario, Junquera St., Cebu City, Cebu
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fidels-Chicken-Station/248277705210630

5. Eden Green Vegan Goods Delivery

Don’t worry kaivegans (pun intended), we’ve got you covered, too! For an affordable, meat-free baon option, try out Eden Green Vegan Goods Delivery. They provide a complete meal for only P70, with no extra charge for the delivery fee. 

Feast on your fave local dishes with a meat-free twist like vegan fish fillet, vegan carbonara pasta, and vegan meat barbecue. This delivery service, however, isn’t limited to vegans, try it out on those days when you forget to bring your lunch!

It’s important to be aware of all your choices wherever you reside. This way, you can maximize your allowance, get energized for studying, and still get to sample the tasty local cuisine that Cebu has to offer! 

If you’re looking for more student-friendly guides in Cebu, check out other fun things to do in Cebu with your school barkada! Discover how to strike a healthy balance between school and life at the Generation Zen blog section by Edukasyon.ph. 

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