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6 Things Grateful Students Do Differently

Everyone has a different attitude toward gratitude. For some, it’s a practice left to the start or end of the day. As for others, gratitude is a process that comes in ebbs and flows. Maybe if you struggle with finding things to be grateful for, it’s more like an afterthought or elusive quality. And hey, if you’re a naturally positive person, gratitude can just be a part of your personality!

Whatever the case, we all could use a little dose of grateful in our day-to-day. Grateful students appreciate the little things and the people in their lives. So, with an open mind and grateful heart, they know they can succeed much more!

Put things in perspective. Put yourself in a positive headspace. Let’s see what grateful students do differently.

Appreciate small wins that contribute to the bigger picture

Grateful students experience time differently. They see little details and instead of hating, they appreciate them! Sure, big wins are important, but that’s the thing. They don’t happen every day. So grateful students open their eyes and appreciate the little things. They realize baby steps lead to milestones.

Give thanks to everyday people

It’s not just friends and family. Think about the guards you pass along your commute. Or the janitors in your school. The teachers you meet along your hallways. A simple greeting in itself is an act of gratitude—and grateful students give these out in abundance.

Don’t shy away from negativity

Truly grateful people, however, aren’t blindly optimistic. They count their blessings, but they also appreciate what they have when things aren’t happy. It’s so easy to associate gratitude with avoiding the bad, but grateful students know negativity exists, too, and it’s okay to feel it. Gratitude is knowing you don’t need to feel happy to be happy.

They’re less grade-conscious, too

Again, gratitude is not mindless positivity. Every student feels down when they get a bad grade. But the difference is that grateful students see this as an opportunity for growth and learning. It’s a challenge that’ll make them stronger.

Grateful students don’t equate mistakes with failure. On the contrary, when they get good grades, it’s a time to celebrate. Still, they know the value of rest and the risks of perfectionism.

Put effort into appreciating loved ones

Whether it’s a hug, a compliment, a handwritten note, or quality time, grateful students know how to enrich relationships. They wouldn’t be where they are now if it weren’t for the people in their lives—their friends, their family, their teachers. Another key trait is that they never forget a wonderful memory. They’ve probably even logged it in their gratitude journal if they have one!

Use social media more mindfully

It’s not about using social media less frequently, but rather approaching it more mindfully. Grateful students would rather share a positive thought than engage with a negative comment. They know the effects of social media on mental health—at least generally. Bad news is especially rampant these days, so grateful students know the value of unplugging or cueing grateful thoughts to counter their effects.

So what can you do to be a more grateful student?

When you get a grade that isn’t up to standard, use your mistakes as learning opportunities instead of focusing on failure. When studying, focus on the content of your books and materials over the grades you’re going to get. Don’t let your academics get in the way of your education. List down the lessons you had fun learning this year—inside and out of the classroom!

Keep a gratitude journal, for starters, and see how that does wonders for your mental health. Practice mindfulness, too. You can also start messaging your friends about how much you appreciate them.

Spread the attitude of gratitude—especially this new year season! Head on over to our All About Senior High section to get more valuable tips for your next study sesh. Wishing you an awesome 2019 from Team Edukasyon.ph!