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8 Things to Do Every Sunday to Make Your Week Easier

Weekends drift away like it’s nobody’s business. Before you know it, you’re waking up on the wrong side of the bed again on a much-dreaded Monday morning. But what if we told you there was a way to make the first day of the week a little less horrible? The secret? Do a mix of productive and peaceful tasks on Sunday to prep yourself for Monday. We call it the weekly reset routine.

Think of it like a self-care challenge. Some of these tasks might be things you absolutely love doing. Others might be a bit more taxing. Still, they’re here to ease your way into an early waking day. Getting your life together isn’t easy—self-love does take effort, right? We promise it’ll be worth it, and you’ll get used to it once it becomes a habit.

Here are a few things you can do on Sunday to avoid the Monday mayhem.

Go out and spend quality time with your family or friends

Going to Mass and having lunch or dinner with our families is a staple in Filipino culture. But if you’re living away from your family, maybe hang out with friends in your area. Or set aside face time—pun intended—in your day. Catch up with your loved ones and cherish those moments.

Check your calendar and plan your week ahead

This is paramount to the success of your week. Check your school or work calendar, your emails, your invites, wherever you get notifications. Always know your appointments, events, and agendas a week in advance. That way you can delegate and manage your tasks for the week.

Use a planner, a bullet journal, or whatever event keeper works for you. Keep your week in place, in mind, and on paper (or equivalent app). Then make to-do lists. Put the pro in productive!

Clean up your workspace and your room

Sorry to sound like a mom, but what does your room look like at the end of the week? We can bet there are some things out of place. Set aside a pocket of time to tidy up. Put clothes back in your closet. Replace books on your shelf. Make sure the surface of your desk (and floors!) can be seen again. A messy space is a messy mind.

And then clean up your digital space

Check up on unread notifications in your emails. Strive for the closest to zero mail in your inbox—it’s an ideal, not a requirement. Sort your inbox into folders and tabs. Unsubscribe from useless listings. Leave groups and chats that you’ve been inactive in for ages.

Marie Kondo your social media. Does this Instagram or Twitter account spark joy when I see their posts? No? Unfollow or mute. You’ll be less triggered throughout the week, promise.

Try using Sundays as a break from social media

Say you’re good with your inbox, and you only follow cool people on social. Use Sundays to do a digital detox. Leave your phone at home when you go out with your family. Try going out and interacting with the world while detached from what’s virtual. You’ll realize how much time you actually have in a day when you don’t have the internet.

Catch up on sleep—in moderation!

Take a nap. As long as it’s well-deserved—meaning, you’re not just procrastinating on assignments or other pressing matters—then treat yourself to a power nap or siesta. It’s been a long week. Rest.

Fix your stuff for work or school

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for the week inside your bag. ID? Notebooks? Supplies? Charge your gadgets and battery packs. Prep your meals. Do the same for your outfits, too, if you can. You’ll feel a lot less haggard in the day once you eliminate choosing what to wear.

Meditate or journal

Take some time for yourself to clear your mind and set intentions for the week. If that’s not your style, get a notebook and jot down your thoughts. List down things you were grateful for this week. What were your achievements? Did you run into obstacles? How do you feel about them? What can you do better? Affirm yourself in your journal. You’ll notice that journaling, over time, gives you a brighter and more mindful mindset.

A weekly reset routine will really help you get back on track. It’s like setting positive vibes ahead, despite last week’s mishaps. Check out more of our productivity guides and survival hacks on our College Life section. We’ve also got Study Hacks to help you through the week!

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