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A Student’s Beginner Guide To Being Fit And Healthy

What first comes to mind when you hear “physical education”? 

Exercise, sports, and a whole lot of sweat, probably. While these three words are, indeed, important aspects of physical education, they are actually just a part of a bigger whole! In simple terms, physical education and health are learnings or activities aimed at developing an active and healthy lifestyle that is crucial to every student’s holistic development.

Let’s run through all things physical education and health, and understand what it means to be physically fit and healthy in the digital age. Ready, set, go!


STARTING LINE: Why should I start a fit and healthy lifestyle?

There are pretty good reasons to invest in your physical health. For starters, here are 3 benefits why you should get in shape stat!

1. It helps you build and maintain a healthy physique.

It’s a no-brainer but it’s true. Learning and applying the principles of physical education and health doesn’t only make you feel good but look good, too. Ever wondered how learning calculus (and “mitochondria as the powerhouse of the cell”) can help you IRL? No need to ask that question for physical ed! Being healthy shows. 

P.S. Skinny does not equate healthy.

2. It improves your academic performance.

Here’s a fact: healthy students are better learners. Research states that having an active lifestyle can help you perform better in school! Think improved focus, longer attention span, and higher energy levels. Now, you can enjoy studying more… or at the very least, not snooze in class. #motivation

3. It gives you a good sense of well-being.

If the first two reasons aren’t enough to convince you, let’s just agree that taking care of your physical well-being directly affects your overall well-being for the better. Studies prove that doing physical activities does wonders for your emotional and mental health. Win-win! 



PIT STOPS: What are common misconceptions about physical education and health?

We all know being fit and healthy is good for us. But why do some people find it hard to get started? It might be because of one (or all) of these common misconceptions:

“Physical education is common knowledge.”

If physical education were easy, we would all probably be fit and healthy right now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Learning it in school from an early age helps students like you to build the right habits as well as correct the wrong mindsets you might have about health and nutrition.

“Physical education is not as important as my academic subjects.”

Growing up in a culture where good grades are a definitive measure of intellect, playing sports or engaging in other physical activities are often looked at as pure leisure or, to some extent, even a waste of time and effort. But is it really? Research suggests physical education and academic subjects go hand in hand. Invest your time and effort in both! There’s no need to choose one over the other.

“Physical education is not for me because I’m not athletic.”

While most physical education activities involve moving your body, it doesn’t mean you have to be a star athlete to get started. Sure, you might have poor hand-eye coordination to play sports (you can improve on this, btw) but walking or running a few kilometers every day is just as awesome!


RACE TRACKS: What can I do to practice my physical education and health every day?

Knowing what a fit and healthy lifestyle means is different from actually taking steps towards it. You don’t need to be a fitness guru right away, but here are 3 easy ways you can live a healthy lifestyle every day!

1. Make physical activities part of your daily routine.

Physical activities don’t necessarily have to be a heavy workout or a full marathon. (But if you can, why not?) The key to a healthy lifestyle is consistency. Integrate physical activities going to and from school! It can be as simple as taking the stairs to your next class instead of riding the elevatoran elevator, or walking home instead of taking a jeep. You do you! 

2. Eat right, eat smart.

Complement your active lifestyle with a healthy diet! Part of being physically fit is being mindful of what you eat. If physical activities require consistency, a healthy diet values balance. (So yes, you don’t have to skip your favorite sweets. Just eat in moderation!)

3. Involve other people in your fitness journey.

Now, this is the time when you gather up the squad. Being fit and healthy is more fun together! Going to the gym? Tag a friend! Cooking a meal? Tag a friend! When you involve people in your road to fitness, you become accountable. And boy, do we need friends who will remind and push us to our goals!



FINISH LINE: Where can I apply my knowledge about physical education and health? 

Physical education and health don’t have to be confined in a text book or a gym. Here are some of its applications inside and outside class:

School subject

Physical education and health may feel like a “minor” subject compared to your favorite English, Math, or Science subjects but it is, in no way, of minor importance. Take your PE class seriously! (Your future self will thank you for it.)

P.S. The Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes the importance of physical education and health, so much so that the organization implemented an entire senior high track dedicated to it: the Sports track!

College course

Do exercise, fitness, nutrition, and sports excite you? If that’s a yasss, take your interest to the next level! Universities offer a degree in physical education and health for students who want to learn all about it⁠—down to the last stroke. 

Professional career

If your dream career involves guiding people to an active and healthy lifestyle, then a career in physical education might be a perfect fit! Depending on your specialization, a degree in physical education and health can lead you to a career in the academe, coaching, or sports instruction. Take your pick! 

Personal development

If all your fitness efforts are aimed at following your #fitspiration, then it would still be a good run! Physical education and health might be intimidating for beginners, but don’t be afraid to make it your own. After all, that’s when it works best!



There are a lot of ways to look at physical education and health. It’s all up to you which track to choose! Whether you’re a newbie or a fitness guru, making your health a top priority is always the right way to go. Take steps today (literally and figuratively) toward a healthier, stronger, and better you!

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