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Facing the New Normal: Tips to Combat Acne

Having been confined to our own homes, we’ve found new and creative ways to get things done. Org meetings have turned into weekly Zoom sessions, classroom lectures have transformed into virtual lessons, and even barkada hangouts have morphed into online game nights.

But even with these changes in interactions, our faces remain an important aspect of communicating with other people. Especially in these times, they are the only parts of ourselves that our fellow classmates, orgmates, and friends see, and it’s important for us to look presentable. However, a common concern that most of us encounter has hampered us from feeling our best: acne.

A source of insecurity among us teens, acne can be a real struggle, even in this online setting. Despite this, there’s no need to fret! Below are tips that can help you prevent and treat acne, to keep you slaying all those online meetings and digital hangouts!

1. Use the right skincare products

A sure-fire way of saying goodbye to this skin concern is using the right products. Products such as Dr. Wong’s Sulfur Soap and Bioderm Ointment are an ideal fit as they are specifically made to tackle this issue. By using them twice a day to wash your face, they can definitely help in your acne woes. Some young adults have found that this combination both moisturizes the face while reducing the appearance of pimples, giving their skin the care it deserves! You can check out their personal stories here in the Dr. Wong’s community on Facebook.

2. Get proper sleep

Sleep is for the weak or sleep for a week? While we can operate between these two polar opposites, it’s better to stay on the middle ground. Sleep serves as the time when our body rests and recharges itself, so make sure to give it its well-deserved break. Your skin replenishing itself also aids in keeping acne at bay, and sticking to a regular sleep schedule will help you achieve this. To cue yourself that it’s time for bed, setting up a night routine is the trick. Refrain from using your gadgets an hour before, wind your
body down by taking a bath or applying skincare products, and doing a couple of yoga poses are just some activities that will prep yourself for sleep and give your face that fresh glow.

3. Avoid touching your face

Since sweat, oil, and dirt are common culprits of acne, it’s best to keep them far away from your face! Our hands come in contact with various surfaces, so they can easily transfer all those nasty stuff on our face. These particles can block the sweat glands or oil glands on your face and eventually cause acne. Thus, you must refrain from touching your face often. You can also opt to wash your hands often or use a hand sanitizer in the event that you need to prep your face for quick touch-ups.

4. Eat nutritiously

As they say, you are what you eat. It’s important to be mindful of what you fuel your body with since the food you consume greatly impacts your skin’s overall health. Eating nutritiously and in moderation is the way to go, but this doesn’t have to be boring! With many recipes and cooking videos online, you can look up healthy dishes that catch your attention. Swap those go-to junk food snacks as well for equally delicious yet better alternatives. While consistency is key with keeping a nutritious diet, don’t be too hard on yourself! The occasional fries and ice cream combo won’t hurt you.

With all these, always remember that what’s more important is the face behind the acne, the person behind the mirror reflection. As we head on in this new normal, these tips will help you put your best face forward!

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