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How To Apply Your Nutrition Month Slogans Into Your Everyday Life

Keeping up with the Kardashians? More like keeping up with your health and wellness! Typically, taking care of one’s self and nutrition comes last in a person’s to-do list and is usually and unfortunately taken for granted. Often, we get distracted by work, deadlines, and our sudden urge to binge-watch a show on Netflix—Guilty! 

That’s why we’re here. To remind you to prioritize nutrition every day. Being healthy improves your performance and progress at school, work, and everywhere else! It’s all about providing your mind and body the nourishment and strength it needs to function and stay alive!


Heads up! DepEd released the official nutrition month slogan theme for this year: “Kumain ng wasto at maging aktibo… Push natin ‘to!” So, here’s a list of wellness tips and goals that you can accomplish. These goals will surely help you bring this year’s nutrition slogan to life, through exciting new activities you’ll look forward to every day! 

No Milk Tea Mondays!

Start your busy week off on the right foot with the right beverages! As much as you love your milk tea and IG worthy boba, you’re better off without it. On Mondays, try to cut down your dosage of milk tea. According to Filipino dietician Charmaine Manango, milk tea is high in calories and high in sugar which could lead to Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Manango also recommends that we only drink a single large serving of milk tea per week! So that’s one gentle reminder to those who order their milk tea with 100% sugar!


Make it a habit to cancel your Monday milk tea order. Avoid the sugar overload by trying out alternative drinks that can energize you just as much! Examples would be ginger tea, herbal tea or even some freshly brewed black coffee. Your body and liver will thank you in the long run.

Tipid Tuesdays!

Being ‘matipid’ doesn’t make you a total cheapskate, but it does help you exercise your saving skills, strategies, and habits (especially when it comes to food and drinks). Saving your cash and coins teaches you how to be practical with your money! Spend Wisely!

Don’t spend too much on the fried stuff, sweets, and food that adds junk to your trunk! Instead, buy some salad, vegetables, and fruits that you can easily munch on while working. Food that benefits your body is what’s worth your money! Why waste your precious allowance on harmful food all in one go, right?


List and track your daily food expenses on your notes app or diary. You can even pre-plan your lunch. How? Choose glow, grow, and go foods instead of no-no and slow foods! Segregate your needs from your wants, and pack just the right amount of money for the day. Get ready and get set, because on Tuesdays, both you AND your wallet will be staying fit and meaty!

Walking Wednesdays!

It’s the middle of the week and you’re getting through the days supersonic fast! But what will make you go even faster is if you walk, run, or bike to your school! Try out something new when it comes to your commute. If you live near work or school, might as well walk or ride a bike. 

This method will warm up and use your muscles. If you think about it, you’ll probably be sitting down for the rest of the day, so it’s best to use this opportunity to move around a little, and stimulate your adrenaline and energy! Scientifically, walking will enhance your legs’ strength and endurance, and help tone your midsection as well—10,000 steps is the goal! Cycling, on the other hand, will improve muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and help shape your bum.


Walking and biking can even save your car some gas which means less pollution! Are you ready to spice up your mode of transportation while getting fit at the same time? Sounds like a win-win to me! Now, go out there and walk your way into a successful Wednesday.

Thirsty Thursdays! 

Water is life and there’s no doubting that because it literally gives us life! We ourselves are made of roughly 60% water and, according to Business Insider, “A human can go for more than three weeks without food, but the maximum time an individual can go without water seems to be a week”. 

Sometimes, we get so preoccupied with our iced teas, smoothies, coffee, energy drinks, and milk teas that we take water for granted. We use water to shower, wash clothes or plates, and generate energy. But most especially we use water for drinking—that’s how crucial water is for our world and for our health!

Pro Tip

A person should drink up to 8 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Being hydrated keeps you miles away from illnesses and symptoms like fatigue, diarrhea, and tons of vomiting. Drinking water regulates your body temperature, evenly circulates the nutrients in your body, and even clears up acne or acne scars so you can #glowforthegods. So, the next time you’re feeling thirsty, choose to gulp down some water before anything else. Never underestimate the healing power of water!

It’s also better to carry around your own personal water jug wherever you go. For one, it acts as your reminder to take sips from time to time, and two, it lessens the use of plastic bottled water! 

Fitness Fridays!

Thank God, it’s Friday! Instead of going out with your friends on a Friday night and celebrating happy hour with them, why not hit the gym and exercise with the #legit equipment, for your own good! You can even count your friends in so you can have multiple workout buddies and snap up some #barkadamoments! On Fridays, pack up your best gym outfit and stylish trainers, then go visit your local gym or fitness center! Here’s to ending yet another productive workweek on a high note! 

It’s important that we make time for the gym and doing actual workouts. You don’t even have to be the bodybuilding type! Just take it slow and execute every workout to the best of your abilities, while you’re still young! It doesn’t matter how fast you do your sit-ups or push-ups, or how long you can last in a plank, just as long as you’re performing them in proper form and doing justice to the workouts. Go wild on em’ treadmills and barbells!

Pro Tip

Exercising for 30 minutes or so is already good enough to stay healthy. Sure, it’s gonna hurt the next day and the day after that, but that only means that the workout worked out! Doing this won’t only strengthen your muscles but also your heart, bones and immune system. Exercising also gives you an easier time sleeping at night because it’ll tire out the body enough so you won’t have to resort to sleeping pills. 

Salad Saturdays!


Yay, it’s finally the weekend! Drop your books, paperwork, and other worries so you can focus on replenishing your inner health first because health is wealth. Get your mind off things and help yourself with a healthy food trip. Fill your system with vitamins, minerals, and everything in between! Take a quick pit stop at your favorite salad place or store that sells fresh and organic snacks.

Pro Tip

Stick to the diet and incorporate as many fruits and veggies as you can; like avocados, lettuce, apples, tomatoes, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, papayas, and more! 

The ideal serving size for fruits is 4 servings per day (roughly the size of a fist if the fruit is fresh), and as for canned/in syrup, it’s preferably 1/2 cup per day. Vegetables, on the other hand, has a recommended serving size of 5 servings a day, but feel free to go for more!

Sporty Sundays!

Ahh, Sunday. The day that marks the end of another fun-filled week, and the day devoted to family bonding. Hey, why not switch things up a bit and activate your athletic and sporty side along with family and friends! 

Go outside and practice an old sport or hobby! And if you’re feeling extra outgoing that day, you can even try out a brand new sport that you’ve always wanted to get good at. Make time for family and all of your loved ones while encouraging an active lifestyle through sports, drills, and games. You and your tribe can make an awesome sports team in no time!

Looking for a more chill and laid back type of exercise? Then, you can resort to flexing some yoga poses on the ground while meditating with the #fambam (this will exercise your mental health too!) Don’t forget to sweat while you’re at it! These sports activities will help hype you up for the week to come! Are you game for the nutritious cycle to continue?

The week ahead is looking mighty fine (just like how your body will feel!) and you’re just getting started! Cheers to better days and eliminating your weakdays and weakends. All it takes is 7 days (or more) and a wee bit of sacrifice! Want to read more about nutrition, health, and fitnessCheck out the Generation Zen section on the Edukasyon.ph blog!


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