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How To Deal With FOMO This Christmas Season

Holiday vacations.

Christmas parties.

Family reunions.

These are just some of the many things that fill up everyone’s schedule (read: social media feed) this yuletide season. Just a glance on the calendar and it looks like every weekend’s booked already until next year! And for some reason, the energy to keep up with all these things seem to never end too.

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling when you want to be part of something or need to go somewhere… even when you just came home from a barkada hangout yourself? If that’s a yassss, then it’s highly likely that you have a major FOMO syndrome a.k.a. the Fear of Missing Out—just like most students your age.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

With Christmas festivities all around us, it’s not surprising that FOMO’s at an all-time high lately. Not to mention, the social media updates buzzing our phone every second. But what else can you do, right?

While you can’t DM your friends to stop posting about their latest vacay, you can deal with it by starting with things you can actually control. Here are three ways to deal with your FOMO this holiday season:


1. Prioritize.

There will always be A LOT of things to do, places to go to and people to meet up with. And it’s human nature to want to say yes to every invitation that comes our way! Unfortunately, it might not always be a good idea. Just imagine the time, effort and money you have to juggle to do all those things. What more this Christmastime?

That’s why it’s important that you know your priorities well. Since there’s often a thin line between needs and wants, deciding what to prioritize makes it easier for you to say no to those seemingly “good things” that may not necessarily be a need at the moment.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Trust us, there will be a lot of times this Christmas when your priorities will be put to the test, but know this: when it’s clear to you what you value, there will be less FOMO moments to deal with simply because you know you aren’t really missing out on anything within your #priorities.

Repeat after me: You. Don’t. Have. To. Be. Everywhere. Every. Time.


2. Plan your schedule.

There’s a pretty good reason why planners-slash-organizers exist. Aside from getting your sanity in check, it’s basically so you can easily see what’s on your plate and get a picture of how your days gonna look like for the next few weeks. Are you going to that lunch on Tuesday after class? Do you have a batch party on Friday night?

Elsa and Anna from Frozen

Planning your schedule ahead of time gives you a realistic view of your time and mentally prepares you for your commitments. Plus, reminds you when you’re overcommitting already!!

When you’re fully aware of your schedule, dismissing those FOMO moments won’t be as hard because you know exactly where you need to be at the moment. Got a phone call inviting you for a spontaneous hangout tonight? Go tell ‘em you’ve got plans already (read: yup, Netflix and chill counts!).


3. Spend less time online and more offline.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with spending time online. It’s great! Throughout the years, we’ve seen how technology radically changed the way we connect and communicate with people. It’s as if we’ve been relying on social media and virtual spaces so much that a day without these seem meh. Do you feel that way too?

While we can post, tweet and favorite all we want, know that your life online should only be a reflection of your life offline—not the other way around. Sign out from those FOMO tendencies that make you live a hurried life for the sake of keepin’ up with your pals.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Slow down a bit and strive to make every day an experience worth living. Have you ever had one of those times when you’re enjoying yourself so much you forget to take one for the feed? If yes, have more of those! This Christmas season, make a conscious effort to live in the present. Enjoy the conversations. Burst out in laughter. Savor the moment. (Read: the picture can always come after!) 


Sometimes, you just have to accept that you can’t have it all. And that’s okay! When the fear of missing out creeps up on you this Christmastime, be quick to remind yourself of what you already have. At least for that, you can always be grateful. Have a FOMO-proof holidays!

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