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How To Show Self-Love: Student Version 

While it’s important to hustle and work hard, we also think that it’s important to take care of yourself. As students, there’s an unspoken pressure to always burn the midnight oil and keep up with all the exams. In all honesty, that’s not healthy for you in the long run. That’s why we put some self-care tips together. (You deserve it!) 

Get at least 8 hours of sleep 

As students, it’s as if there’s always something you need to study or an essay we need to hand in. Tempting as it is to pull an all-nighter to get things done, your body will suffer the consequences. Try instead to get a healthy amount of sleep so that you’ll be at maximum efficiency! It’s likely that when you’re well-rested, you’ll be able to work more productively and even cut down the number of hours you need to work. 

Don’t skip nutritious meals

Repeat after us: coffee is not a meal. We need more than just chips and power drinks to function. Instead, opt for balanced meals with fruits and vegetables. Try snacking on dried fruit instead of chips and drinking smoothies instead of Starbucks. Sugary drinks tend to provide a temporary rush that results in a “sugar crash” later. Try to set three cups as your limit. Anything over that and palpitations might occur.

Combine work with friends (when appropriate)

Studying is usually done alone. And when we are alone, procrastination can occur. That’s why having a responsible study buddy is a great option. Find a great one that’ll motivate you to work harder rather than distract you. What’s awesome about having a study buddy is that whenever you feel like giving up, you can take a look at them and keep going! On the other hand, study buddies can also remind us to take breaks. Here’s a quick hack: set a timer when on a break so you don’t spend an hour chatting or binge-watching Netflix.

Be organized and save yourself the stress 

Think of how much time is saved when you actually know where all your notes are located. Instead of scrambling to find a missing flashcard, having a good organization system via binder or online can save a lot of stress too. Having things well placed online or offline can increase efficiency and generally make students less stressed about reviewing for exams (hello, information overload). So be kind to yourself and go color code those notes! 

Be patient with yourself 

Whenever we don’t understand concepts or get the right answers, we tend to get frustrated with ourselves. Missing grade boundaries by points can be stressful, I know, but the best way to take care of ourselves as students is to be patient. Know that it’s okay to not get things right on the first test and that being points away from that A+ happens to so many people. Don’t snowball your thoughts. Instead, take deep breaths before getting back to work. By stressing out more, you’ll be losing time that could be spent working.

Showing self-love is a process that we all need to work on every day. So if you’re struggling, don’t keep it all inside—reach out to those around you. Chances are, you’re probably not the only one feeling the same way. 

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