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Journalism: The Power of the Mind and Pen

Fancy storytelling, news reporting, and article writing? Develop a voice and share it with to the world as a journalist! Here are some movies, games, and books & magazines.


The Newsroom: Watch the behind the scenes of a newsroom! Conflict arises when the newsroom undergoes a change in management and work environment as a new team is brought in and deliver unexpected results.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: A comedy movie about a famous anchorman – Ron Burgundy – welcoming an upstart reporter – Veronica Corningstone-  to the industry. Watch as Veronica dominates this male-dominated world! Girl power! 

Shattered GlassToo good to be true. Writing colorful stories is Stephen Glass’ specialty. Employed at The New Republic, he made a name for himself and things can’t get any better! Journey with him as he rises to fame and his steep decline when he is exposed for his journalistic fraud.


Text twist: You’re given jumbled up letters which you can twist and turn to form words! The goal is to use all the letters forming the longest word to move to the next level.

Bookworm: A word-forming puzzle game! With a set of random letter, form as many words as possible! Test your skills and play the time pressured mode.

Scrabble: A popular board game played by 2-4 players. Score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, and forming words! Expand your vocabulary.

Books and Magazines

The Death & Life of American Journalism (by Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols): The meltdown of Journalism. The authors investigate this crisis and why it is happening. Instances of the zero media coverage on areas of the federal government and the shuttering of Washington bureaus are causing the lifeblood of American democracy to drain. Read on and discover how they save journalism.

Bottom of the 33rd (by Dan Berry): “Mr. Barry, like Mr. Kahn, exploits the power of memory and nostalgia with literary grace and journalistic exactitude” (NYTimes, 2011)

Journal Online: Philippine news compilation from the country’s oldest and leading dailies.



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