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Legal Management: A Pre-Law Course to Consider

Choosing your major in college can get a little dizzy. While most majors are self-explanatory, sometimes they need a little more clarity on what exactly they’re about. You need to fully know what you’re getting yourself into, after all!

So, you’re here because somewhere along the line, Legal Management caught your eye. What’s it about? Can I take it as a good pre-law course? What are the career paths for me? Is it a good fit for what I want to do with my life? What if I end up changing my mind?

Well, we’ve got the answers to your most burning questions, so here’s the lowdown on this practical and highly informative program.

So, what exactly is Legal Management?

Legal Management differs slightly between universities, but it’s generally an interdisciplinary field of study that combines elements from business and law. 

It’s all about businesses and the legal obligations they must fulfill. You’ll be learning about different sides of the business, like finance and marketing, but you’ll also be focusing on significant elements of the law that are usually encountered in business. These include taxation, labor law, partnership and corporation law, and laws on intellectual property. Sounds intimidating… but fascinating, right? Well, that’s just a peek into what law school is actually like!

Just something to keep in mind: if you plan to go to law school, the program wasn’t specifically designed to prepare you for it, because it’s still very much a program that emphasizes the conduct of business. 

Even so, it’s still a great program for exposing you to concepts that will help you determine if law school is for you. The Legal Management program includes several law classes that offer a glimpse into the vigorous demands of being a full-fledged law student. But be warned, though—law school is exponentially more demanding than anything you’ll encounter in your time as a Legal Management undergrad! 

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Well… it is, but you can definitely do it.

In this program, you’ll learn about what it takes to run a business. The program gives you a competitive edge since you’ll be more acquainted with the legal sides of the business, which tend to be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Expect to graduate with the knowledge of how to ethically manage a business and how to come up with legally sound, well-researched business plans!

What classes am I expected to take?

Since the program is a combination of two fields, expect to take a mix of business and law classes. It sounds challenging but takes our word for it: they all complement each other! These classes prepare you for the situations and concepts you’ll eventually encounter in business, especially if you want to start your own.

Here are a few of the classes that you’ll be taking:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Philippine Business and Economic Environment
  • Finance
  • Strategy formulation
  • Taxation
  • Labor Laws and Social Legislation
  • Obligations and Contracts
  • Law on Business Organisation and Intellectual Property
  • Special contracts and Negotiable Instruments

Many of these classes tackle the basics of starting and running a business, like accounting and marketing. After all, you have to understand how to work the numbers and spread the word on your business! Then you get your introduction to the law through the basic law classes, like learning about taxation laws, obligations of businesses, and what makes a contract legally binding. You’ll have a pretty good grasp of what goes on in a business, and all the legal nitty-gritty that comes with it.

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The Legal Management program will definitely help you answer this question.

How versatile is the program? What are the career opportunities?

You can go to several different places with Legal Management. It’s a great program if you’re considering law school in the future, but still want the flexibility of other career paths. And because it’s a management program, it’s adjustable enough to get you almost anywhere you want to go.

With a Legal Management degree under your belt, there are endless career opportunities for you. Every business deals with the law, one way or another—and the legal knowledge you’ll have will definitely be useful.

Here’s an example: a graduate of the program at De La Salle University mentioned that they took a job as a medical biller. This might seem like a stretch of relevance to some, but they explained that much of their job includes dealing with insurance adjusters and defense attorneys. 

Even if you decide that getting into law practice might not be for you, there are several companies that look for legal officers, analysts, and compliance specialists. You could also have a career as an entrepreneur, human resources manager, and even a contract management specialist!

Here are a few other career opportunities that legal management opens you up to:

  • Banking
  • Brand management
  • Financial management
  • Government service
  • Investment management
  • Management consulting
  • Marketing management
  • Production and operations management
  • Sales management

The best part is that most companies, regardless of industry, look for people with legal management know-how. You won’t have to worry about finding a job after graduation! 

Are there different types of scholarships I can take?

While there aren’t any scholarships specifically for students taking Legal Management, the universities that have these programs do offer scholarships as well.

For instance, the Lyceum of the Philippines – Manila, which has a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Management program, has different types of scholarships. It also offers financial aid and grants to cater to those that are just as artistically or athletically gifted or have different circumstances. 

Centro Escolar University, which also has the program, has a special scholarship for public school graduates of senior high schools, and even a tertiary education subsidy. 

The University of Mindanao, another university that offers the program, has several different kinds of scholarships and grants to make sure that everyone has a shot at their dream program.

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