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3 Things You Didn’t Realize Were Getting in the Way of Your Studies

Surely, you’ve had long days before. Maybe you’ve even had to pull all-nighters after an already exhausting day juggling between academic requirements, your hobbies, and social life. They’re nearly inevitable for a modern-day student. As the Millennial adage goes: work hard, play hard.

Although, picture this. After a whole day of getting things done, you remember that there’s a report due tomorrow. You’ve been through the commute, the lectures, and the socializing. Your bed’s siren song gets louder and louder.

At this point, you’d probably feel dizzy. There’s a dull sensation behind your eyes, and it’s becoming harder and harder to focus. You just want to go to sleep, but the presentation you’re working on is 30% of your grade! You need to power through, but it feels impossible. Chances are, you’re just dehydrated.

3 things that suck (the life out of you)

It sounds so simple, but it doesn’t make sense! It’s not like you spent the day baking under the sun. You’ve also been drinking enough water, so how can you be dehydrated?

Dehydration” makes you think of people sweating buckets or long endless deserts. A lesser-known fact though, is that the human body is constantly losing moisture through our pores. On average, a human body is 60% water—the amount varies per person. When the number drops below that point, you’re dehydrated.

Mild or severe, dehydration impairs bodily functions—from retaining information to impeding your heart’s ability to beat! Here are a few things that accelerate that process, making you less productive over the day:

1. Work it. Bring it. Quick, re-do it!

Physical activity raises your body’s temperature. Commuting, doing errands, or checking off chores requires a lot of movement! In your body’s attempt to keep you from overheating, your pores open causing you to lose moisture faster.

While physical activity has scientifically-proven, positive effects on productivity, that also means you need to rehydrate more often. Because of this, you might be inclined to work in cooler areas not exposed to the sun. Who has the time to let the heat keep them from hustling, right?

2. You’re hot then you’re cold. You’re in, then you’re out.

Even if we’re used to feeling like we’re walking in an oven, hiding in an airconditioned room isn’t going to keep you from getting thirsty. In colder environments, our bodies are tricked into thinking that we are fine. This is because we lose most of the cues, internal and visual (e.g. temperature and sweating respectively), that tell us we need to rehydrate.

What we don’t realize is that our bodies lose more fluids when we breathe cold, dry air! Have you noticed how glass fogs up when you exhale onto it? That’s your precious moisture condensing on the surface. Hot or cold, nowhere is safe, and staying hydrated becomes a conscious effort. 

3. The Stress Paradox: Productivity causes unproductiveness

You’ve probably realized by now that losing fluids is inevitable. We’re not done yet. Rising stress levels also cause spikes in body temperature. When we get stressed, the brain produces cortisol. It’s the hormone that helps us act by regulating the body’s fight-or-flight response.

Going back to our hypothetical situation from the beginning—panicking over that big presentation is probably not the best response. Keep calm, regulate your breaths, and rehydrate instead, before getting right into it!

Work hard smart. Play hard!

Speaking of rehydration, isotonic drinks will do you a massive favor when your surroundings are hotter than a Blackpink concert, or your day is more stressful and tiring than the usual. After all, you lose more than just water when you sweat.

Pro-tip: go for Gatorade Ion. It contains ions, is low in sodium, and no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. Try it out and see how it boosts your productivity. Live your best life! Set yourself up for success! It’s the habits you form that build up to a rewarding payoff.

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