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Lessons From Children’s Books That We Can Still Relate To

Indeed, good books can last for ages. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Disney, we all have those favorite books that have somehow made an impact in our lives.

If you try to revisit your old books, you’ll find stories which might seem even more relatable now. As you become so busy with school deadlines, thesis, and college entrance exams, there may be a lot of things you wish you could tell your younger self.

But have you ever thought about what your younger self can teach you? If you’re looking for some wisdom, let these classic children’s books enlighten you more about adulthood:

It’s okay not to be okay.

Dump Truck In My Heart

As we move into adulthood, people come and go into our lives. And when we lose someone so close to us, they also leave a heavy feeling in our hearts, much like a dump truck.

Dump Truck In My Heart is a touching story that will teach you how to handle grief. Learn how to handle difficult times as you read through the story of Liwa, a young girl who learns to face the death of her grandmother.

Whether it’s grief brought by a failing grade, insecurities, or failing your dream school’s entrance exam, here’s a healthy way to deal with difficult emotions.

Image source: https://www.passagesbooks.com/products/dump-truck-in-my-heart?variant=52391707157

Love your individuality.

Bantay, The Cat Who Wants To Be A Dog

Perfect grades, perfect social lives, perfect bodyeveryone’s wishing for the perfect life. With all the seemingly perfect posts you see on social media, sometimes you just can’t help but wallow in your own insecurities.

If you love animals, Bantay’s story serves as a gentle reminder that you are perfectly unique. The tale encourages you to embrace your individuality and nurture your own gifts. Here’s how you can overcome your insecurities.

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Take care of your inner child.

The Little Prince

Go to a reputable school, finish your degree, get a high-paying job, build your career—there’s just so many pressures that go along being an adult. How you wish you could go back to your childhood. Wouldn’t it be nice to just stay young and carefree forever?

But amid all the struggles of adulthood, have you ever wondered what does your inner child request you to do?

The Little Prince is an inspiring story that will remind you to listen and take care of your inner child. Send some loving message to yourself. Time to remove all inhibitions, give yourself a pat on the shoulder, and tell yourself: “You can do it!” Get your life together and find your ikigai.

Image source: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81Wb0sOOI3L.jpg

You can find your own voice.

Nina In The Town Of Daldalina

Straight A grades and perfect exam scores—in a place that only favors acads and grades, how can you craft your own success?

In a town known for its people with loud voices, how can a voiceless young girl survive? Nina In The Town Of Daldalina is an inspiring story that will encourage you to find your own voice. Through her art, Nina was able to share her wonderful ideas. This led the people of Daldalina to listen to those with weak voices.

Kara Pangilinan is a true-life Nina who empowers other young creatives. Kara encourages fellow artists to find success in their own craft despite what the society dictates.

Image source: https://www.oyezbookstore.com/blog/-three-picture-books-from-the-philippines

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