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Online School Can Be Stressful Too: Here’s What You Can Do

The rise of online education has undeniably changed the way we define education. By enrolling in online classes, you can learn anytime and anywhere—even when you’re tucked in bed. You know what it means: No need to wake up for a 7 AM class! 

On a serious note, having an online education platform has opened doors to a lot of people to study and earn a degree. Contrary to what most people think, taking online classes can still be stressful. Just like in a physical classroom, you still have to keep up with the exams and other requirements anyway. Note: Your screen time can be factored in your stress levels, too. 

Keep your mental and emotional health in check. Read on for tips on how to de-stress your online education experience!

1. Set a mental health-friendly schedule

Set a time for you to attend your online classes. In this way, it becomes an automatic part of your routine. What time of the day is your brain most active? Are you a night owl or a morning person? Consider these things when setting up your class hours. It’s also more effective if you take up one module at a time versus consuming the entire set of modules all at once. Be gentle with the neurons in your brain.

What’s more, being organized and systematic about your schedule allows you to make time for other important things you have to do for the day. Who doesn’t love being productive?

2. Use a planner notebook

If you haven’t got one, go to the nearest craft store and treat yourself to one. A planner notebook works similarly like the Notes application on your phone. You can jot down your personal tasks, priorities, and goals—but using a planner notebook makes it more personal. Trust us, it’s also easier to retain important things when it’s handwritten down! If your goal is to cut down your screen time to a tolerable level, going back to the analog way of planning things is a foolproof way to start.

3. Go offline.

The major downside of taking online classes is the potential of acquiring internet addiction. You’re always connected to the internet, so you end up checking your notifications and stalking someone else on Facebook. Try at least an hour a day to turn off your phone and unplug from the online world. Go for a walk. Eat a hearty meal with your friend…which brings us to the next point:

4. Socialize—with real people.

Get out of the chat boxes and take time to have face to face conversations with the people you care about. Surround yourself with your friends and family that can make you laugh after an exhausting day, a priceless feeling that even laughing emojis cannot represent. Talking to them can take away all that pent-up energy and stress. 

You have probably spent too much time studying online that you forgot how to relax and have fun in the physical world. Do something that will help you get rid of tension and anxiety in your life like eating a pint of ice cream!

5. Meditate.

Meditation helps clear your mind and move away from distractions. Deep breaths and you will be okay! Or if you want to work up a sweat while meditating, sign up for a yoga class. Some of the emotional benefits of meditation include gaining a new perspective of your situation, reducing negative emotions, and increasing patience or tolerance—all of which are helpful for students who get overwhelmed by rigorous coursework. Try out these online meditation classes!

Make sure that your online education goes well with your relationships and well being. Show yourself some love! Enjoy your student life to the fullest! Check more articles like this in the Generation Zen blog section at Edukasyon.ph today!

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