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Preparing for College: 5 Tips From College Graduates

You are about to take a huge step towards a new life chapter. Preparing for college can truly be intimidating. And being clueless on what to expect can make you feel even more anxious.

You can find many tips and guides out there, but there’s nothing like good old advice from college ‘survivors’ themselves. 

Here are some practical tips that they believe can help gear you up for college:

  1. Think about your future

Many people say that college is the real start of your journey towards responsible adulthood. This time, you really have to shape up.

Ella, 21, now in Marketing says, “My older siblings used to tell me that in college, you need to think about your future more and not just to finish school. My college records definitely helped in getting me my first job as an assistant store manager of a famous food chain ”

Improve your skill set. Think about your career in the future because at this point your scholastic records and show of character can directly affect your nearing professional career. Most employers and postgraduate schools do their evaluation based on your Transcript of Records, Good Moral Character, and other accomplishments.

  1. Observe the university culture

Each school has a unique set of values that they instill in their students. These principles can normally be seen in how their students act and communicate.

So apart from reputation, incoming college freshmen should consider whether the values of the student population align with theirs.

Gaile, 22, thinks, “It’s a good idea to observe so you don’t get overwhelmed. Be familiar with school rules and policies. Aside from building relationships, get to know your professors, too. Most of them understand how it is to be in your position and will help you navigate through the exciting experience of your first year.”

  1. Avoid procrastination

Do you remember times when your teacher postponed a project deadline to give you time to focus on your upcoming exams? In college, it’s not like that.

Putting school works behind would be difficult and could result to a lot of stress. Also, you will meet professors who would not think twice to pile you up with projects and still require you to meet all the deadlines.

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Glenda, 26 years old

I remember my own experience during my third year taking up Mass Communications. The load was plain crazy. We had ongoing rehearsals for a huge school play, written exams were coming up, there was a press conference for finals, shoot schedules and meetings are a regular thingall while we were attending our classes. But thanks to proper time management, I survived everything with good marks.

Time management is key, and avoiding procrastination is the first step. If you can do it now, don’t wait for another time.

  1. Define specific goals and interests

While you are preparing for college, it’s best to define specific goals and identify groups you want to join. There are so many societies, clubs, and school advocacies you can take part in that will allow you to make the most of your college life.

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Jazz, 24 years old

Jazz, 24, was once a Publicity Head of her local literary organization and yearbook editor-in-chief. She says, “I know that freshmen students tend to want to immediately belong, but you don’t have to join the first group you see. Also, don’t feel like you have to be stuck with a certain group. College is the time where you can explore options.”

Attend orientations and look at ways to get involved. Consider your options in advance so that when the opportunities come, you will not waste time thinking whether or not you should sign up for it.

  1. Work hard

College demands multitasking skills like nothing you’ve seen before with all the school requirements and extra-curricular activities on the side.  

How hard you study in high school greatly affects how you do in college so it is important to get your priorities straight as early as now. If you are careless and neglectful, things can get difficult to manage.

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Em, 26 years old

Em, 26, now a law student says, “For me, having good grades is a priority. Never put off your time to review. Read in advance if you can. It might sound geeky for many but it really helps. Good grades will speak for you and could help you get hired easier and faster.”

It goes without saying that you should work hard. Be organized, efficient, and productive for a promising future ahead.

College can look difficult for many incoming freshmen. These tried-and-tested tips from college graduates can help you prepare for what lies ahead. Put your best foot forward for an easier transition in this exciting stage of your student life.

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