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Self-Directed Learning: How Can It Help Me As A Filipino Student?

Times are changing. Different fields are expanding and leading to the establishment of new career paths. With today’s highly competitive job market, you need to develop multiple sets of skills if you want to stay relevant. Nowadays, school education is no longer the only source of learning. Online courses, interactive websites, and digital resources are now also available for students. But with all these technological and educational advancements, how can you keep up with the different demands of the jobs of the future? The answer is self-directed learning.

But what is self-directed learning? How can it help you be a better learner?

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning is the education you gain from your self-chosen activities and life experiences; whether or not you choose to do these activities for the sole purpose of education. Self-directed learning happens when you have control over your learning. It comes from the everyday things you do (such as joining an organization, playing guitar, pursuing a hobby, enrolling in an online class, using a mobile app, or watching a video) that bring a meaningful impact on your development.

Here are four key things you need to understand about self-directed learning:

  1. Learning is your responsibility.

As a student, you need to have the initiative to go beyond what you learn from your teachers or what you read from books.

Do you ask your teacher questions when you don’t understand a certain concept discussed in class? Do you look for other resources when information is not readily available? Do you explore other methods of solving a problem when one strategy doesn’t work?

These things are very important tools that will help you solve real-life problems in the future.

  1. Learning is a lifelong process.

Allow yourself to explore your strengths and weaknesses. Discover your passions and nurture them. Achieving these things take time, so be comfortable to do it at your own pace.

  1. Technology can enhance learning.

Academic lessons tend to equate to boredom. But through various technologies, learning can be fun! With learning management systems (LMS) you can now have access to unlimited education resources available on the web. You can even finish a degree online!

Studying your lessons in Math or any subject can now also be exciting, thanks to gamified learning apps and platforms. It will also be easier to choose the best career path for you. There are many skills assessments and career tests that you can take online.

  1. Learning involves a supportive community.

Do you feel overwhelmed about the whole senior high school thing? Don’t know where to start on your future career path? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this all alone. You can always ask for the help of your teachers, your guidance counselor, or your parents. You can also join online communities; there you can share your resources and learn from the experiences of other people.

  1. Learning makes you an efficient member of society.

Your ideas, actions, and behavior influence others. Responsibility and self-discipline are the traits of a successful self-directed learner. When you are aware of the possible impact of your actions, you become more attuned to the needs of others. You also understand more about how you relate to your surroundings.

Ultimately, self-directed learning can help you boost many skills such as initiative, self-confidence, and perseverance. These skills help you in making sound choices that lead to a successful career path.

You got this, and we’ve got your back. Discover more ways on how you can make the best out of your school learning. We’re here to help you make more informed decisions from senior high school and beyond! Find more resources like this in the Edukasyon.ph blog.