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Students Share Their Biggest Lessons In 2019, And We Can All Relate

With the year coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on the months that have passed. And wow, 2019 taught us a lot! Don’t you agree?

From finishing high school and college to earning new degrees (#goals) and learning new skills for the adulting world, students have a lot to say for the year. While some things we ought to leave in 2019, some experiences made us better students for the year ahead.

Here are some lessons students learned in 2019:


“You will never grow in a confined space.” – Yael, 16

We are all growing in one way or another. Changes take place every day. Perhaps you made a big jump and transferred schools, or simply transitioned to a new school year. Either way, you are growing.

Whenever you move to a different environment, growth is inevitable. You find yourself improving in the process. Although confined and familiar spaces are comfortable, staying in them will not grow you as much as unchartered territories. As they say, get out of your comfort zone. That’s where growth lies.


“Never compare yourself to others. Everyone learns at their own pace.” – Luis, 23

In a world immersed in social media, it’s as if everyone is always celebrating something. But even in those picture-perfect moments, remember that we’re all on our own journeys. Never compare your life to the other people’s highlight reel.

Truth be told, we’ll never get the full story behind it. So be empathetic with yourself and focus on your own story. Trust me, comparison can ultimately do more harm than good.


“Progress > perfection” – Nina, 19

We have all fallen to this trap. In pursuit of perfection a.k.a. doing our best, let’s remember not to push ourselves too hard specially when we fall short on achieving our goals.

A part of being human means we cannot be everything to everyone. And that’s okay! That leaves room for growth and constant discovery of ourselves in the process. So keep your head high and instead strive to be better every day.


“The food you eat affects your performance!” – Bea, 18

What you eat really does affect how you go about your day, which isn’t exactly rocket science. Just like cars, what we put into our bodies matters and affects the way we work. So the next time you reach for that bag of chips while studying for your long exam (read: we understand the dilemma), try to go for flavored nuts or dark chocolate instead.

Do your research on healthy alternatives to your favorite snacks and desserts. You’ll be doing your body (and your conscience) a huge favor. Eat right, eat smart!


“Disappointing results are just an excuse to do better. Persist until you succeed.” – Emily, 18

While it’s a universal truth that nobody’s perfect, it’s not an excuse for us to ever settle. When you set your mind to do something (read: 2020 goals!), give it your best. Use your time wisely to do small steps leading to that goal. Breaks, included. You don’t want to suffer burnout, don’t you?

If you lack motivation, always go back to your why. The path to achieving your goal will be clear when you are clear with your purpose. Let it fuel you!


These are just a handful of lessons students learned firsthand in 2019. With all these reflections, it’s only clear that we’re all on our own paths to improve ourselves. And FYI, it may look different from one person to the next. As we move forward to 2020, we hope you, too, can reflect apply the lessons you learned IRL. After all, that’s how we move forward in life.

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