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Windows For Growth: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

“Who are you?”

That’s probably the easiest but, at the same time, the hardest question there is. How are you even supposed to answer that? Sure, it’s easy because you have a ton of answers to choose from, but it’s also hard because you have a ton of answers to choose from. Can I get an amen? #TheStruggleIsReal

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While most people would reply with the usual answers like their names, schools they go to, or which org they’re affiliated with, the answer to this question would always be relative to the person being asked, specifically how they see themselves. But have you ever wondered how your friends answer when they’re asked about you? What an interesting (and scary) thought!

The road to self-discovery isn’t meant for solo flights! Using the classic Johari Window by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham as tool (thanks, Psych 101!), you might just end up knowing more about yourself than you did five minutes before. Are you ready?


What is it?

There are a lot of ways to “find yourself” and get lost in it. Just take a quick look at the Internet and you’ll be hooked with gazillion articles #realquick! What makes Johari Window a standout is its easy-to-understand, visual presentation of you and your relationships. Through creating awareness between the known and the unknown, you get a new insight on that person standing in front of the mirror! Isn’t that great?mirror


How does it work?

To make your own, simply choose from a list of adjectives and write down those that you feel describe your personality (be honest!). Then your friends can pick from the same list and choose the adjectives that they feel suits you. Afterwards, just plot all the adjectives in a single 2×2 grid!

The grid’s should be labeled as Open, Blind, Hidden, and Unknown. Open contains the adjectives you both picked out, Blind for adjectives only your friends selected, Hidden for adjectives only you selected, and Unknown for adjectives none of you picked out. Kinda lost? It’s okay. It should look like this:

Johari Window


How can it help you?

It’s one thing to know yourself, and another to know yourself through other people’s eyes. Finding your own niche in senior high can be really challenging—whether it’s choosing your friends or deciding on a track and strand.

Though this exercise, you can be more aware of certain aspects of your personality that help you make an informed decision. For sure, there are new things about yourself that you weren’t previously aware of, so prepare to be #shookt! Likewise, there are parts of your personality that resonate well with people and those they’ve no idea of at all.



What can you do?

The Johari Window is meant to grow you in awareness of how you relate to people and vice versa; the same way that it can help improve the quality of your relationships and everything that stems out from it (read: acads, org life). Here are things you can do to grow in each quadrant:


  • Share something about yourself to your family and friends! But remember, don’t overshare. Strike the perfect balance between knowing enough and knowing too much.


  • Everyone has a blind spot! Learn the art of receiving constructive feedback, and taking actions about it. Ask your family and friends!


  • Since personal privacy is important, decide which information you can and want to share and which you prefer to be kept in secret. It’s your call!


  • You’ll never know until you try! Explore and try out new things you’ve never done before. Who knows what great potential you’ve been keeping inside?

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Who are you? How you answer this question is a good reflection of how self-aware you are with your life—as told by you and the people around you. Johari Window is just one tool you can use, but there’s so much more! Be in constant hunger of learning, relearning and unlearning things about yourself. After all, the only constant thing about this world is… you guessed it, c h a n g e. So go ahead and change for the better!

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