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5 Computer Skills Every Student Should Know Before Graduating

Here’s a fact. If students had their way, they would probably revise Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and put WiFi connection on top of the pyramid. Then comes water, food, and shelter. Are we right or are we… right? 

Growing up in a highly digital world means being connected to information 24/7. Ask any student and they can’t even imagine doing homework without ‘googling’ the answers. (See, even Google has become a verb already!)

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With technology shaping the way students learn, it’s a no brainer for schools to emphasize computer skills to their students. It’s like teaching babies how to walk. (Tip: If you’re looking for a school, find out how they equip students to be digital natives. Whether it’s in the way they craft their curriculum or invest in school facilities that push for it.) 

Computer skills can determine how far you’ll go (and thrive) in this digital world. The question is, do you have those essential skills? Don’t miss out on learning. Check out our list and see which one you still need to work on!

1. Typing without taking forever

Everyone knows how to type. It’s just a question of how long it takes to write a single word. Typing may be an overlooked skill but it’s an essential part of computer literacy! Simply put, it helps you write that 2000-word essay without taking three hours or having to deal with a million typos. 

Fun fact! The world’s fastest typing record is at 256 words per minute. Don’t worry. You don’t need to type that fast. But you do have to type fast enough to get things done before your 11:59 PM deadline.

Practice your typing skills! There are free apps that can help you with that.

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2. Pressing the right keys

The great Larry Tesler did not invent the copy and paste command for you to write everything over and over again. Give him justice and master the basic keyboard commands! You may have studied it for a pop quiz before but reviewing it again won’t hurt. Especially when you want to retrieve a file you’ve been working on for the last hour and your computer lagged out of nowhere. IYKWIM

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3. Doing research like a pro

Typing in a few keywords in the search tab and choosing the first result is not the research we’re talking about here. We mean research skills that narrow down a million search results to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Minus the hassle of scrolling through the next page. And the next, probably.

Using search engines properly can help you save time, effort, and two extra brain cells. While this can be taught in your computer class, these three handy tips are student lifesavers you can do stat:

  • Web extensions are your best friend. Discover our favorites here
  • Maximize the advanced search options. Learn the wonders of Boolean operators.
  • Use Google Scholar to find published papers. Very helpful for your research paper!
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4. Unleashing the power of Microsoft Office  

Microsoft Office needs no introduction but we’re saying it anyway: being proficient in these office tools will get you a long way—both in school and at work. Writing papers, preparing spreadsheets, and creating presentations may seem basic student experiences but they can be deal breakers when applying for a job. Especially for office work. Sometimes we wonder why getting a PhD in Microsoft Office isn’t a thing up until now. Right?

Microsoft Office tips!

  • Use Times New Roman as font style when reading! Studies say it’s the easiest and fastest font to read.
  • Use “meme font” for presentations. White text with black background can be read on any color.
  • Press ‘Ctrl + Tab’ to switch from Excel file to another easily. Saves time!
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5. Learning how to “Photoshop”

Just like how ‘google’ became synonymous for searching information, ‘photoshop’ has been widely understood for making things visually appealing. Even if it means just basic cropping or changing fonts.

With emphasis on #aesthetic content online and offline, learning ‘photoshop’ or graphic design is as good a skill as numbers 1-4! Regardless if you’re working on a poster for arts class or creating brochures for a client. Or you just want good photos on your social media feed. That’s okay, too.

Learn the basics of design through these online courses: 

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Not to state the obvious but computer skills are essential skills in the 21st century. Make the most out of your time in school by learning, or better yet, mastering it. Aside from investing on your own laptop, choose a school like ACES Tagum College in Davao del Norte which has courses and facilities designed to help you learn these skills. After all, computer skills require computers, right? 

Master these computer skills in no time. Read more articles like this on our Grown-up Guide blog section at Edukasyon.ph now. And if you’re interested in taking computer-related courses, check out full degree and short certificate programs at ACES Tagum College. There’s one for you there!