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7 Life Skills You Wish Were Taught In School, But Usually Aren’t

You already know how to solve for X. Make subject-verb agreements. Or even write a 1000-word research paper… in your sleep! (Good job, you.)

School has been excellent in teaching students academic subjects. But sometimes, don’t you just wish there’s a crash course on submitting school requirements on time or on becoming a better student in general? (Be honest. We do!)

These are life skills you need to learn if you want to excel inside and outside the classroom. After all, good grades are great. But good grades matched with life skills? Now, that can land you your dream job. Or wherever life, or you, take yourself.

Let’s do a quick run-through of some important life skills we wish would find their way into the classrooms!  


1. How NOT to rewrite the whole lecture when taking notes

Research shows that you remember better when you take down notes by hand because you get to process information while writing them down. But that does not mean you have to copy every single word on the board. Or highlight every single sentence in the book. 

While you can’t do anything about professors who require 1000-page reading or make lecture slides fly at 200 km/hr, there are a lot of things you can actually do to learn effective note-taking. Think bullet journals, speed reading, and better listening to name a few. 

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2. How to “Office” your way into productivity

If you’re a normal student, chances are you’ve dread writing research papers and creating spreadsheets at least once in your life. It’s okay. We get you.

School work may not excite you as much as learning sports would, but trust us when we say making magic happen with good ‘ol Word and Excel will save you a lot of headache once you enter the workplace. Go beyond your basic computer lessons, and discover the wonders of these office applications. Prepared to be amazed… and organized.

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3. How to create a killer presentation

So you did some really impressive research for your thesis. Congrats! Now, your adviser thinks you’re ready for your final defense. What do you do? (Read: First, don’t panic.) Do justice to your hard work, and prepare a presentation they will never forget. 

Master the art of presentation skills! From designing #aesthetic presentation slides, practicing your outline to actually speaking in a way that captures your audience’s attention, it can all be learned.

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4. How to make the group work work

Next to that math problem you’re trying to solve for hours, figuring out how to make your group work is probably one of the hardest things to crack. Whether it’s resolving conflicting ideas or setting schedules, working with groups require mad organizational skills (and patience, tbh).

Thankfully, it’s no rocket science. At the very least, learning how to best work with groups means listening, organizing, and growing together despite the differences. You can do that, right? 

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5. How to be a leader that people follow

Whether it’s asking people to fall in line or brainstorming for a final project, you’ll find yourself in leadership positions in one way or another. The question is, how are you going to do it? It’s one thing to be a leader. And another thing to be a leader that people follow. Aim for the latter!

While you can’t earn units in school to qualify as an “effective leader,” you can learn the essential skills that can equip you for the role. From making decisions, resolving conflict to motivating the team, anyone can learn to be a great leader. Are you up for the challenge?

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6. How to decide without taking forever

We make thousands of choices every day. Big and small. Conscious and unconscious. Yet how is it that every day we still feel stuck when making a decision? As a student, it can go from picking your #OOTD to choosing your career path real quick. #thestruggleisreal

Opting for the best decision is good. But it doesn’t have to take forever. Learn the science of decision-making, and start making better decisions quicker. Just imagine how much time you’ll save with a decisive mind! (Read: A LOT)

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7. How to extend 24 hours in a day

Okay, fine. We can’t really extend hours in a day. Though, sometimes, that’s probably what you hope for when buried in a mountain of school requirements. And yet again, the truth remains:  time management is key

Like any other resources, proper management is important. What do you do with your 168 hours every week? When you intentionally take time to budget your time (pun intended), you make yourself more efficient and productive. Who knows, you can even enjoy some ~free time~ from your busy schedule. 

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These are just seven of a gazillion life skills that can help you thrive inside and outside the classroom. While these skills aren’t exactly taught in school, there are plenty of learning resources available for you. For starters, check out Edukasyon.ph’s Skills Kit! It has free online classes tailored to your skills and interests. That way, you can land your dream job. What are you waiting for? 

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