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Gaming the System: A Simplified Guide to Adulting

Welcome to Adulthood™!

Graduation marks the beginning of the rest of your life. This lovely cliché conveniently leaves out the part where adulting can be really scary and confusing. Where do you even begin? You’re playing with the big kids now, and the training wheels have to come off.

Don’t stress yourself out! Think of it as a game. As you progress, it becomes easier to conquer adulthood and collect achievements. Here are the first five adulting skills (and things) you need to get a headstart on life.

1. Choose a character class (a.k.a. job)

Let’s start with your career path. It could be based on your course in college or something else altogether. A craft or hobby you’ve been working on, maybe? You can make a career out of pretty much anything nowadays, and that’s a good thing for you!

There are websites dedicated solely to job listings and career development. We have LinkedIn, Jobstreet, Kalibrr, and a whole lot more! As you go through them, check out the job description first. You’ll probably come across some terms, some that are familiar and some that are not. List down all the questions you have. 

Next, look up answers to those questions to help you understand the job better. If the internet doesn’t have answers it just means you have to ask at the job interview itself!

 Sometimes though, we see a job we really like, but we’re lacking a key skill that the employer says is non-negotiable. Well, you don’t have to be in a classroom to learn it. You could choose from hundreds of online courses that are backed by the world’s top universities.

Some are free, some are paid, but overall, they’re good investments if you need that extra oomph to flex your way through a job interview—which brings us to our next point.

Whether or not you’re going corporate, remember that first impressions last—both good and bad. Knowing how to introduce yourself is important. What should you wear? How do you not trip over words? Does your resume scream “I’M THE PERFECT CANDIDATE?” Are you even sure that it’s the job for you?

Keep calm, mga bro at sis. A little research goes a long way. There are a lot of guides online (especially on our blog) on how to find and land a job. This is where your career begins, and it’s important that you start it off on the right foot.

2. The king demands your loyalty (or taxes at least)

Okay, this one’s inevitable. We live in a society after all, and this comes with certain obligations. We’re referring to taxes, SSS, PhilHealth, and the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF, otherwise known as the Pag-Ibig Fund). Not to mention, employers also want to make sure you’re a good citizen. That’s where the NBI Clearance comes in. This is all on top of any licensure examination you might need to take for your chosen profession.

Don’t sweat it too much though. A lot of the processes are automated now and are available online! When you apply online, there’s usually a special lane dedicated to online applications, saving you a lot of time (and sanity).

Here are their websites where you could apply:

Bonus: Here are two more articles where we walk you through the application processes for different government IDs (Part I, Part II). Oh, and there’s an app for them too (PapersPH for iPhone, FormsPH for Android)!

3. Rosebud, motherlode, and other “money cheats”

It was hard as a student. Now, it’s even harder as an adult who pays for their own things. The struggle to keep yourself afloat is real—with all the bills, food, transportation, your social life, etc.

Spending and saving are two sides of the same coin. You can either go old school and have a logbook of your monthly expenses, or you could get with the times. There are countless e-wallets and expense tracking apps out there.

Here’s a budgeting rule you could look at: 50-30-20.

  • 50% for needs.
  • 30% for wants.
  • 20% for savings—which you will put into that savings account that you’ve been putting off, right?

Let’s reframe our mindset. It’s not about depriving yourself. Treat yourself, responsibly. So that you can keep treating yourself to bigger and bigger things over time. It will help if you looked into different kinds of investments. And we’re not just talking about stocks, property, or insurance. Everything you pay for is an investment.

Find different ways that you can reasonably cut costs, and learn how to compare prices before buying things. This will give you better value for the money that you spend.

If you find yourself spending a lot on prepaid load, for example, then it might be time to get yourself a phone plan. It might seem a bit much right now, but with your phone use, you might just find that it’ll even save you money in the long run.

4. Achievement Unlocked: Make Time for Friends

In AdulthoodTM, you take on your own journey, and sometimes, the journey takes us far away from the people we care for. Sometimes far away in space, because work or whatever would force you to relocate. Sometimes far away in time, because you’ll have very busy schedules.

As you journey on, you will meet thousands of people, and at this point in your life, you’ll want to nurture meaningful relationships. This means having to choose who you will make time for. Having your constants will keep you anchored to the person you want to become.

There’s no cheat code for infinite time or energy, but this can be less of a problem now. Technology, when used right, can keep us connected with the people that matter to us most. They’re just a call, text, or message away. Social media, at its core, can be good.

You could even start new traditions with your friends. Have a game of Mobile Legends every so often. Do viewing parties of the latest Netflix or Amazon Prime releases. You could even binge all things Disney together (Thanks, Disney Life!). As a plus, you can get Amazon Prime and DisneyLife for free! Follow this link to find out how.

You have technology on your side even when space and time are working against you. If there’s data, there’s a way! 

5. I’m healing! Cover me.

You will reach your limit at a certain point. It’s so easy to romanticize hustle culture and measure your worth in how productive you are. BUT, life is a marathon, not a sprint. The all-work mindset won’t get you very far in the long run.

Self-care is one of the most important fundamental skills. Its foundation lies in your ability to acknowledge boundaries—yours and other people’s. Put yourself first. It’s your journey, and you’re most capable when you’re healthy.

Now, before you go throwing money at the latest 12-step skincare routine out there, remember that self-care can come in the simplest ways:

  •  Acknowledging your limits
  •  Making time for the things you enjoy. But if you enjoy work… then… carry on, I guess. Indulge in all the productivity apps you can find.
  • Allow yourself to vegetate (which is just a fancy way of saying, “do nothing.”) If you don’t feel like going out, then don’t. Tell people you have plans. Tell them you’re going to vegetate instead of the old “I have a date with Netflix.”

Real talk though: it’s okay to say, “I’ve had enough.” Enough socializing. Enough hustling. You’re allowed to rest. Work will never go away. Come back and try again tomorrow.

Just remember to stay humble enough to learn from everyone and everything you come across. Your way isn’t always the best way, but neither is theirs. At the end of the day, we’re all just kids asking older kids (or the internet) how they did the thing.

The Power is in Your Hands. Literally.

To conquer adulting, you just have to find the right answers. Maybe we can’t sit down to sift through books the old-fashioned way, but that’s what the internet is for.

You’re going to come across situations that we couldn’t cover in this article, and you can’t always say, “I’ll get back to you on that.” Globe’s ThePLAN PLUS, gives you answers on-the-go, with all the data you’ll ever need.

Tap. Tap. Done. Instant answers. Want video tutorials? Podcasts for inspiration? More articles like this one? They’re a type, swipe, and tap away. You just have to be able to get them when you need them most.

This is why a postpaid plan is a must-have for someone like you who’s just starting out in this game we call life. With ThePLAN PLUS, you get double the data, double the rewards, and all the tools you’ll need to get ahead. Before you know it, you’re living the life you’ve always wanted to create.

Conquer adulting and mark your milestones! Check out our Grown-up Guides for the secrets to unlocking adulthood. There’s no one way to success after all. Sign up for Edukasyon.ph and find the path that works best for you!