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Mobile Data Saving Hacks Every Student Must Know

You all know that feeling when you receive a notification saying you only have less than 10mb on your data allocation. Yet, you still have a week to survive before the next allowance comes. Imagine playing your favorite mobile game or video when it suddenly stops because you no longer have a data load. With all the assignments you need to accomplish and IG pics you need to upload, how you wish there’s any way you can extend your data life, right? Worry no more, here are some 5 easy hacks that can help reduce your mobile data consumption:

1. Update apps over wi-fi only.

Go to your play store or mobile settings and change to “Update apps over Wi-Fi only.” This will prevent your phone from updating apps as soon as updates are available and consuming your data without even noticing it.

2. Close apps that are not in use.

Your applications still consume some data even if you’re not using them because of the background data features on your phone. Go to your phone Settings -> Data Usage and check which apps consume the most data. If you think a particular app shouldn’t be consuming that much, clicking on the “restrict mobile data access” will do the trick.

3. Enable Chrome data saver mode.

Google Chrome on your phone has a data saver mode which you can activate. To enable Chrome data saver on your mobile, just open Chrome and press the action overflow button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner. Tap Settings and select Data Saver under Advanced and hit the toggle switch to move it to the On position. How does it help lessen your mobile data usage? It compresses and reduces the amount of data that gets downloaded when you visit a webpage.

4. Turn off mobile data when not in use.

The best way to save data? Just turn it off! It wouldn’t hurt to close your mobile data for a while especially during hours when you’re not really expecting to receive any notification. When you know you’re about to reach your data limit and you need to save it for later use, turning it off will prevent unnecessary data consumptions.

5. Download music and web pages for offline use.

Got a favorite playlist on Spotify that you always play? Save it for offline. In this way, you no longer have to use mobile data while listening to your favorite songs. Other applications like Google Maps also has offline features that allow users to access the app without using any mobile data.

By incorporating these tips into your daily phone or tablet usage, you can prolong your mobile data usage until your next allowance! Do you want to know more tips and guides like this? Just visit our Grown-up Guide section at Edukasyon.ph now!