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Resume Keywords That Can Get You Hired (In Any Job)

Graduating Senior High opens many opportunities. You can go to college, open a business, or you can even start your career. There are many jobs that do not require a college degree, but value a specific set of skills.

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What are soft skills?

They are personalities, traits, and habits that make you more effective in the workplace. They’re usually but not always, people skills (don’t panic, introverts!). Examples of soft skills are communication, teamwork, time management, persuasion, patience, etc. These skills boost productivity and make the office a great place to work in. That’s why employers thirst for these skills and why having these will give you an edge in the workplace. Don’t hesitate to flex your soft skills on your resume to let employers know how you could be a valuable addition to their team.

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Picture this: There’s a group project and prof made you the leader. You realize no one’s doing anything. So you put someone in charge of logistics, but they don’t know the area. You made someone do the math, but they’re not into numbers. Then, a group mate points out an error in the idea, but there’s no time to change so you decide to do everything yourself. It’s the day before submission and nothing has been started. Familiar?

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In that scenario, many soft skills were missing: communication, leadership, teamwork, adaptability, etc. There’s power in soft skills.

What soft skills do you have?

Soft skills can be picked up at work and are improved as you spend more time working in an office. But you might already have some of them. See if you can relate with some of these:


You effortlessly engage in conversation, be it small talk or real talk. You present well and explain your ideas effectively. You tell compelling stories. You are able to get your message across clearly. You command the room with your words. You know what to say at the right time. You know when to start talking, and when to stop talking. You’re a good listener. You can convince people to take your side. You can sense a room’s energy. You write well.


You’re good at solving problems. You can diffuse tension and resolve conflict. You can point out and utilize people’s strengths and weaknesses. You can turn an awkward situation around. You don’t micromanage. You can make people excited about something. You teach, motivate, and inspire people.

Critical Thinking

You know how to diskarte. You can think out of the box, and come up with new solutions. You’re a good observer. You’re curious and eager to learn more. You’re resourceful. You can adapt to change. You constantly think of new things to innovate. You’re creative.


You do well in collaborations. You have a strong sense of malasakit. You are mindful of people’s feelings and situation. You are influential. You take criticism well. You’re open-minded. You’re empathic. You are persuasive. You can adjust to other personalities. You help people. You’re a good negotiator.

Work Ethic

You manage your time well. You’re almost never late. You meet deadlines. You’re organized. You’re focused. You pay attention to detail. You can work independently. You follow instructions well. You’re attentive. You’re competitive. You’re dependable. You can multitask. You’re reliable. You work well under pressure.

If you resonate with all of these, congratulations! But that’s not everything. There are more soft skills you can explore for a more attractive resume. 

Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

Hard skills are job-specific skills developed through education, like programming, design, language proficiency, engineering, or video editing. Soft skills, however, aren’t taught in school and are usually molded into someone’s personality. The best employees are hybrids with both soft skills and hard skills. Be a hybrid.

Learning skills on the job

The more you advance in your career, the more skills you learn. You just have to start somewhere. While most employees require skills upfront, some are willing to teach on the job. In tech company [24]7.ai, they seek to train employees. The only thing they require is a soft skill: eagerness to learn. If you have this, apply for a position at [24]7.ai.

Your career’s success depends on your hard skills and soft skills. Let employers know the gem of an employee that you could be. Good luck!