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This Budget Tracker Will Help You “Treat Yo’ Self!”

Don’t we wish we could just fast forward to the part where we’re all rich and successful? While we haven’t figured out a magic spell to time travel (yet!), we come bearing the gift of budgeting and financial literacy!

Financial literacy isn’t as dull as it sounds. In fact, financial literacy is learning and understanding how to manage your finances. While the student-budget isn’t as big to manage, it’s still good to brush up on budgeting skills.

The bad news, though, is that everything comes with a tradeoff. You want that new gadget? You’ve got to learn to budget! Maybe you’ll have to bring packed lunch or hold off on buying your fave frappe after school. But the good news is, even when you’re budgeting, you can still get your sweet tooth craving satisfied! With a little bit of creativity, anything is possible!

We’ll let you in on a secret.. When it comes to financial literacy – it’s small changes that lead to big results. So, no, You won’t have to give up all the fun to get what you want. In fact, here’s a worksheet you can use every day so you can see where your money goes and watch yourself progress as your money grows!

Budget Tracker

Download the printable here!

After this challenge, you’ll be surprised at how good you’ll be at thinking of alternatives while still getting what you want. Not to mention being able to save up for a bigger need. Learning to be financially literate and learnig to save up may be a small step towards financial adulting, but that small step will definitely lead you to big results.

Once you’ve seen how easy getting your bigger goals can be, you’ll feel more confident in saving up for bigger investments like studying abroad or a new laptop. Who knows what else you can get covered?

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