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Graduation 2020: Making Your Own Personal Yearbook

Time flies…and here we are, still in quarantine. COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for a lot of people, but let’s take this moment to recognize and congratulate the graduating class of 2020! Whether you’ve just completed senior high or college, never in your wildest dreams did you imagine celebrating this huge milestone…at home. Online. So give yourselves a pat on the back, not only for earning that diploma but also for taking these challenging, uncertain times in stride.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) there’s the escape of our social media feeds, where the past few months have been flooded with #TBTs, ‘until tomorrow’-s, and photos of Holy Week, Labor Day and summer 2019. That’s the great thing about our photos, though, they remind us of all the greatest hits to take with us even as we move on. So, to honor the past four years of schoolall the blood, sweat, and tearswhy not take a trip down memory lane and compile your very own yearbook-worthy moments? 

Here’s our list of must-have photos to keep:

(Virtual) graduation and class photo

Most graduation rites might still be postponed indefinitely, but DepEd is well underway to making virtual ceremonies a reality. You can make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime moment by documenting screenshots, your graduation-at-home cap and gown or special attire, or maybe doing the graduation march down your hallway! And since you’re all experiencing this together (though physically apart), make sure to capture a gallery screenshot of you and your classmates logged on to graduate – just like you do when it’s game night or any other online social gathering.

Barkada photo

You and your barkada will probably stick together for life, even through pandemics, so dig up your most memorable group outings, random breaks at your favorite corner of campus, sem break tripsto look back on and laugh at together in the future. Choose the ones where you’re complete, that show off your unique personalities or those where there’s definitely “a story to tell.”

Team or org photo

Aside from your barkada, there are also the bonds you’ve formed with sports teammates, debate teammates, student council-mates, theater cast-mates, the list goes on! Your extra-curricular activities and accomplishments played a huge role in your school life and personal growth, so don’t take those for granted and make sure to keep those favorite photo memories too.  

Photo with your favorite school mentor

Everyone has that one teacher they will never forgetfor being extra strict (but the one you learned from the most in the end), for helping you pass, for opening your world to your favorite author or your dream career. Maybe it’s the guidance counselor, the security guard, the admins, or the cafeteria staff that took time to just make small talks and brighten your days at school. If you have a photo with any of them, they definitely deserve a spot in your personal yearbook! 

Family photo – with the ones who got you through it all! 

Last but not least, while you put in a lot of hard work over the years, don’t forget to share this special milestone (and get in a graduation picture) with family. Your parents made education opportunities possible from day 1. Your older siblings gave you advice along the way, and your younger siblings eagerly took in everything you learned and passed on to them (or simply let you have your peace and quiet during exam week). Look ma, I made it!

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