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PSA, Students! Your Gadgets Need Self-Care, Too

College can often feel like the most stressful time of our lives, between a thesis paper, an internship, and student org responsibilities. Now, we’re even dealing with a global pandemic and the learning curve of online classes. It’s a lot, we hear you. That’s why we have these tips on how to practice self-care as a college student.

Item number five on that checklist: keeping in touch with your loved ones, friends and families. If there’s one positive thing that community quarantine has brought most of us, it’s the extra bonding time with our parents and siblings at home. Friends? Not much face-to-face interaction, unfortunately, and just through text messages or apps like Houseparty.

If your parents were already calling you out on too much screen time pre-quarantine, going on lockdown must have made it even worse. (BTW, don’t forget to check out our tips for taking care of your eye health and vision.)

So, let’s be honest. Your true best friend throughout this quarantine has been the bright little gadget that houses all your conversations, social media feeds, music, videos, games and life toolsalso known as your mobile phone. It deserves just as much TLC then, right? And more importantly, fast, convenient and proper care when things go wrong. But what could possibly go wrong with this thing that can do, well…everything?

Accidental drops

The most common causes of phone damage include dropping it on the ground or having it fall out of your pocket or bag. While hard cases and shock protectors can help with that, major impact could cause you to be gadget-less for quite some time. How would we deal?

Liquid damage

Another cause of serious damage to your gadget is dropping it in waterthe pool, the bathtub, and yes, the toilet. You’ve probably heard that water damage can be quickly remedied by submerging the device in dry, uncooked rice for a day or two. But the jury’s still out on how effective that really is. Either way, we’re left without our trusted companion, while we take it to the repair shop or worse, need to find a new replacement (and let’s face it, that’s really difficult on a student budget). #RIP

Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you. Our partner Moneymax offers Gadget Protect, a mobile protection plan that provides great benefits (and peace of mind) so that your bestie will be in good care should any accidents happen. Unlike most phone protection plans, Gadget Protect can be purchased online and anytime during your phone’s first year, so it’s more accessible for families and students like you.

You might think you don’t need it, but you never know what could happen! 

Here’s why we highly recommend Gadget Protect: 

  • Moneymax is the first platform to offer gadget protection online. Sign up in just a few clicks and pay a fee corresponding to the purchase price of your phone, with annual rates as low as PHP 389.
  • Gadget Protect is all online! The whole process from purchasing to paying is done on the Moneymax website. 
  • Your phone doesn’t need to be brand new. As long as it was purchased in the past year, you can go ahead and have your phone protected.
  • When your phone gets damaged, expert technicians will repair your phone using only approved and original replacement parts. Apart from this, Gadget Protect comes with 24/7 customer service and chat support, and phone pick-up and delivery.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit this link to sign-up for your Gadget Protect plan. BONUS: Upon registration, use the promo code EDUKMMXGDP for an exclusive discount. Pass it on to your friends and family, too, and know that we got you and your gadgets covered!

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