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3 Simple Steps To Making A Career Change

If you’re not sure how you should move forward in your career, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s normal to not always know what happens next. But there are many actionable ways to make a career change and have a more fruitful and fulfilling life.  

Here are three tips on how to change your career trajectory and launch yourself into a job you know is best for you! 

1. Enhance your skills through online courses

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Learning doesn’t stop after you graduate from school; it’s a lifelong experience. And the Internet is your oyster! You can search online for classes that you can sign up for. The best part? There are hundreds of free courses online.  

If you’re looking to get into web-based careers, check out Amazon’s AWS Educate platform. The platform provides learning material for web-based careers at no cost—and registration is completely FREE!

How to sign up

  1. Fill up the AWS Educate registration form. Select “Edukasyon.ph” as your institution name.
  2. Click “Next” then select “AWS Educate Starter Account.”
  3. Verify your email address to set up your password.
  4. Start your learning!  


  • You have to be at least 14 years old to sign up on AWS Educate.
  • Your graduation date has to be a future date.

2. Build your experience through short-term professional opportunities 

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Take advantage of volunteer work and internship opportunities; there are many of them! AWS Educate offers many internship opportunities around the world. You can also visit Kalibrr, LinkedIn, or even reputable Facebook groups to find loads of job opportunities.

Take on part-time jobs, weekend-only stints, or remote work in various industries. You’re bound to find your passion and strengths from  your exposure to the variety of work. 

3. Join event mixers to explore different career paths

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Attending event mixers or conventions is a great way to learn about industries or specific professions.

You’ll find many of these mixers in reputable Facebook pages. During these mixers, you’ll get to hear business leaders and professionals talk about their respective industries. Such events often discuss how innovative technologies shape industries. Learn how you might find yourself working with all these new technologies! Q&A panels are also a standard in many mixers, so prepare your questions and expect to gain great insight.

Making a career change may seem intimidating and complicated at first but there are doable ways to find your path. By learning new skills, finding great professional experiences, and learning from other professionals, your future is in your hands.  

Find great learning and career opportunities on AWS Educate!