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3 Things You Can Do Now To Find Your Career Path

If you’re already deciding what career to pursue or what course to take, you’re doing the right thing. Planning your career path early will guide you to the right direction for your college life and beyond. 

But let’s be real. Picking the “right” career is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make due to the pressure from friends, family, and even from yourself. 

Good thing you can work on this uncertainty. So what can you do to find more clarity on what career path to take? 

Here are tried-and-tested ways to get to know yourself better. Progress is progress no matter how small, so take a step back, breathe, read, and act!

Try out a new learning path

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You don’t have to dive right in to a college course—or, if you’re already in college, make the drastic move of shifting to another course.

Instead, test the waters by trying out free online courses; there are hundreds of them nowadays! 

Try something new. Explore a career path and find out what you’re interested in. There are many learning paths online that don’t require so much of your time.

Amazon’s AWS Educate provides learning material to twelve learning paths for web-based careers, at zero cost. Register now! It only takes two minutes. Learn more about AWS Educate and sign up today

You can find many other learning opportunities online, from Youtube videos that talk about different industries to short courses for a quick upskill. No matter what choice you make, keep one thing in mind: Explore! 

Apply for an internship

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An internship is a way to get your hands dirty with real work in a real company. Learning skills in a practical setting is a totally different experience from getting education skills in the classroom. In a workplace, you get to see firsthand how a company functions and how everyone contributes for a bigger purpose.

So where do you start? If you already registered for Amazon’s AWS Educate, then you’re on the right track. After you finish a learning path, you can access Amazon’s Job Board for different internships around the world. Haven’t applied yet? Register now

If you’re planning to take an internship in the country, you can also scout around for established Facebook Groups that post internship opportunities, or search through Kalibrr and LinkedIn for internship listings.


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Volunteering is a less formal way to get similar experiences with internships. Also, there are many forms of volunteer work. You can join a student organization with a cause, lend a helping hand in an outreach program, become an assistant to a professional, and so much more.

You get to explore your existing skills as you discover new ones—all the while contributing to the greater good. 

Need more advice on finding your career path? We’ve got loads of information, tips, and inspiring stories for you on the Edukasyon.ph blog!