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3 Times It’s Okay To Reschedule A Job Interview

If you’ve sent a job application or two, you know you very well that the waiting game is enough to keep you on your toes—checking every notification, opening every email. Who knows when your future employer contacts you, right?

When the wait is over and you ~finally~ get the call for an interview (and of course, you’ve practiced your lines!!), the only thing that could possibly get in the way is… you guessed it, a conflict in your schedule. What do you do?

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Before you panic, hang up and overthink how you just lost a job opportunity (read: please, just don’t), calm down and know that it’s okay to say you have a prior commitment and ask for a different appointment.

But if it seems that easy, when is it okay to reschedule an interview and when will it actually cost you your chance at work? Here are three important reminders, straight from the HR:


1. When you have a valid reason

It’s totally understandable that your schedule might conflict with your interview, especially you don’t really know when you’re gonna get a call back for your job application (read: HR professionals know this too). However, there’s a thin but distinct line between a reason and an excuse. And trust us, they have had enough excuses not to recognize it when they hear one.

When you request to reschedule your interview, make sure it’s really, really important! You don’t want to throw off the job of your dreams just because you’re too lazy to get up in the morning, don’t you? Yup, we thought so too.

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2. When you send a proper email

There’s nothing closer to losing a potential job offer than having a bad email behavior. HR managers evaluate an applicant online as they do offline. When there’s a conflict with your interview schedule, remember to still put your best foot forward. Send them a brief email explaining why you can’t make it and suggest the soonest possible time when you can.

When you let them know your situation properly, you don’t just let them make the necessary arrangements, you let them know you’re serious about the job. And they’d likely even give props to you for it!

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3. When you send that proper email ahead of time

Although a proper email is commendable, sending it an hour before your scheduled interview is no different than not sending one at all. If you can’t make it to your appointment, give the HR manager a heads up at least a day before! You’ll never know how your “minor inconvenience” can mean major lost time for the company you’re applying for.

When you give them a notice in advance, it’s as good as saying you respect them and their time. And in this world, you’ll never go wrong with respect. Who knows, it might even serve you right with a job offer!

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Remember, asking to reschedule an interview does NOT mean losing the interview. However, not rescheduling the right way is what might cost you your future job. When the time comes you receive a call for an interview and there’s a conflict with your schedule, don’t forget these three things before you consider rescheduling! We’re pretty sure, you’ll get that dream job in time.

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