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4 Great STEM Jobs That You Can Prepare For Online

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics offer so many career opportunities. And there are many ways you can prepare for these STEM jobs. 

You can pursue a college course in STEM, study abroad for your dream program, or read helpful blogs. And you can also enroll in an online course and build your knowledge in the comfort of your home! 

Online education can give you a quick upskill, added credibility, and an alternative to classroom-based degree programs. 

Regardless of how you use online learning, there are online classes that will help you prepare for these 5 STEM careers! 

1. Developer

code on screen

If you enjoy the logic and patterns behind software, consider taking supplementary classes to hone your skills as a developer. Learn an array of code languages such as Raspberry Pi and Python, create your own adventure games, and learn how to analyze complex data sets!

Check out these online courses (some at no cost!) and prepare for your dream job as a developer today!

2. Data Analyst/Scientist

open laptop with charts

Would you enjoy telling a great story out of spreadsheet numbers and website data? You’ve probably considered practicing data analytics or data science full time.

There are places all around the world for such careers, since almost every company nowadays is data-driven. Check out this certificate course by John Hopkins University and get ready for your career in data science!

3. Engineer

electronic circuit boards near tester

Engineering is a fruitful career path with many different fields of its own, such as industrial engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Regardless of the engineering track you’re eyeing, this online course will teach you how to think like an engineer. Be exposed to the different concepts in engineering and forge your path towards your dream career!

4. Healthcare professional

aerial view photography of person holding arm while pressing blood pressure machine

One of the most in-demand fields today, healthcare is a great way to practice your interest in the STEM field.

Since healthcare is a broad field, you get to have fun and explore! Learn about nutrition, environmental science, pandemics, healthcare realities, and so much more in these online courses.

Preparation is key when aiming for excellence!

If you’re looking to pursue a career other than STEM, or if you want to sharpen your skills quickly and effectively, check out some other great online courses we have in store for you!