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4 Interesting Careers In Criminology

This course has been producing the Philippine National Police chief officers through the years!  If you’re planning to follow the steps of former PNP chiefs Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento II and Gen. Nicanor Bartolome, here are interesting career paths ahead of you!

BS Criminology is a four-year college course that deals with the principles of law enforcement, security administration, and  crimes, including its social and psychological effects in society.

Breaking into a crime scene is not as suave as portrayed in movies and teleseryes. In real life, criminologists have to undergo rigorous physical and mental training before they can handle a case. The profession is a call to protect and save lives, which makes it a challenging yet admirable career to pursue.

If you are interested in taking up criminology, here are the career opportunities you can consider:

1. Police officer

Silhouette of police officer standing in front of a crime scene barricade tape

Remember when most of your playmates dreamed of being a police officer? This job carries a badge of honor in service of the people. They respond to reports, make arrests, conduct checkpoints, and enforce the law against people who commit minor misdeeds and serious criminal acts.

2. Investigator

Hand holding a pen and magnifying glass on top of a book

The work of an investigator or detective is as cool as it sounds, but also risky! (Read: Sherlock Holmes) They assist the police on investigative work by gathering evidence, going on surveillance and conducting cross-examinations on suspects or witnesses on a case.

3. Forensic specialist

Gloved hands holding a small glass vial of glowing liquid

Evidence is crucial to solving a criminal case. This is where forensic specialists or scientists come in. They are tasked to collect and study evidence that the police find at a crime scene. Sometimes, they do the job on the spot, taking samples of blood, bullets, and various substances.

If you are highly logical and detail-oriented, you could definitely excel at this job!

4. Social worker

Man with rolled up long sleeves writing on a piece of paper while the man in front of him speaks

While the previous jobs are directed against suspects and criminals, this one is tasked at understanding and nurturing them. After all, criminals are also humans. Social workers provide counseling sessions to help them improve their social condition during and after they serve time in prison.

Criminology can be a demanding career, given its nature that is rooted in crimes. But it is worth the challenge. Beyond crime-fighting, the field aims to uphold the law, promote peace in society, and improve the quality of lives of citizens and society in general.

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