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4 Rewarding Skills To Prepare You For Future Jobs  

Careers from just a decade or two ago have drastically changed. The reason? The development of technology, which is paving the way for many innovative, future jobs—which you can train for online via Amazon’s AWS EducateRegister to a program (at no cost!), or see instructions below.

Going into jobs like web development and machine learning is a great way to secure your career path. Such fields will likely stay relevant over the next few decades.

Refine your competitive edge with these four skills that will help you to thrive in future jobs!

  1. Learning a programming language

lines of HTML codes

Without programming languages, the world we know today would cease to exist! A programming language is the backbone of any web-based application or software; and majority of web-based careers will require knowledge in programming languages.

If you’ve never heard of programming languages before, you might want to look into Javascript, C++, and Swiftthree of the languages dominating many industries today.

  1. Data Analysis

Data analysis will teach you how to think systematically and meticulously. This skill will equip you with technical know-how, such as: how to find patterns from unstructured data, understand statistical methods for data manipulation, and tell stories from the conclusions drawn from data.  

  1. Mobile App Development

iPhone screen showing apps

Can you imagine leaving your home without your mobile phone? If you can, chances are you’re one of the very few people in today’s world who can live without a mobile phone.

Imagine creating a valuable app that millions of users can use; this is the kind of future you could have as a mobile developer. Learn how to write code specifically for mobile apps with the Swift language, and learn how to test an app’s effectiveness across different mobile devices.

  1. Thinking like a designer (UX/UI)

person using white Android smartphone

At the end of the day, apps are designed to be used by people. And if no one finds your app useful, it ultimately doesn’t serve its purpose.

Creating human-centered software is the goal of user experience and user interface (UX/UI). Explore the skill of UX/UI and understand how the human mind works when viewing different web pages. Learn exactly what buttons are best to use for specific purposes and where to place them on a page.

Learn one or more of these skills, and you’re all set to take on a career of the future!

Edukasyon.ph, in partnership with Amazon’s AWS Educate, provides learning material to develop the skills you need to thrive in future jobs. What’s more, you can register for course at zero cost! Just follow the instructions below to sign up.

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AWS Educate is for students aged 14 and older, and your graduation date has to be a future date.