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4 Things To Do While Your Dream Company Isn’t Hiring

Be productive while waiting for your chance!

Many young people are just dead-set on their goals. They have this strong determination about what career path to take and even which company to apply to after graduation. Until they find out they need to take a detour since their dream company isn’t hiring just yet.

If you’re one of those fresh grads who, after all this planning, lost track because of no available positions in your target organization, don’t waste time sulking. Instead, you can stay productive and do the following:

  1. Don’t stop trying

Here are common scenarios that might say you’ve got no chance at getting an interview any time soon, and reasons why these situations shouldn’t stop you from sending that resumé:

Scenario 1: There are no vacancies in their Careers page.

Why you should still apply: Remember that sometimes, company websites may not be updated. It could be that they are already hiring and just weren’t able to post it.

Scenario 2: There are really no vacancies.

Why you should still apply: That might be the case now, but sooner or later, they will be hiring and might consider your application if your resumé is in their file.

Scenario 3: They are hiring but not in your target department.

Why you should still apply: Chances are, there are vacant positions which are not very specific to a certain degree or background. That could be your entry ticket. Apply for that open position and let your cover letter and resumé do their thing.

Who knows? You might get an interview and HR might offer you a more fitting post. Remember that in some companies, getting an interview can already be difficult as it is, especially in really big enterprises that deal with hundreds of applications daily – so it’s easier to be transferred once you’re in.   

What you can do: Send an application no matter what. You can look for e-mail addresses or resume databanks in company websites simply to get your name in file. Some even e-mail their applications regularly – every 2-4 weeks – to consistently be in the recruitment team’s inbox. And guess what? That actually works.

  1. Research, research, research

Think of the reasons why you want a certain job. Target a specific firm and do your research. Do you want to work in Company XYZ because of their brand? Their values? Or perhaps good stories from their own people?

Researching thoroughly will help you learn more about the company which can up your chances of getting hired. It can also help you prepare for what’s in-store should you secure your place in that company.

What’s more, researching can open up more opportunities for you in the same field or industry, which leads us to the next piece of advice.

  1. Grab opportunities elsewhere

Finding a job somewhere else besides your target employer is not all bad, especially if you can’t afford to wait too long until you get a job. Go ahead and look for another company. As long as you stick to your goals, you won’t be going against your long-term plans.

Building a network through different firms is also a great way for you to get involved and extend your knowledge about your chosen field. Plus, having more professional experience may also help you have higher chances to get hired once a slot opens up in your dream company.

  1. Pursue your passion

While it’s not yet possible to achieve your main goals, you can always do something productive and fun.

Make use of your free time to work on something you love, especially if some of your interests are not always in line with your potential day job. Do crafts, cook, create contentwhatever makes you happy and fulfilled! Time invested in such activities are never a waste.

Make use of the time to pursue your passion, enhance your skills, or build your network to make yourself a stronger candidate for your dream job.

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