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5 Best Job Hunt Practices To Land That Dream Job

This is it.

This is finally it.

You are ready to embark on a new adventure. Most people call it #adulting nowadays, others call it.. uhm, responsibilities. But regardless of what it’s called, you are excited to dive in and tbh that’s a pretty good start already! *high five*

As you close in your student journey and embrace the life of a young professional (there’s no turning back now!!), you should know that landing a job is not as easy as it sounds. It is, however, possible to get your dream job as long as you do your homework and prepare for it. Just like in school!

While there are sooo many job hunt practices you can find in the web, we’ve shortlisted five of the best job hunt practices that’ll #definitely inch you closer to your dream job:


1. Look everywhere.

“Funny story! My friend was hiring at the same time that my sister was looking for a job, so I made the referral. At my sister’s interview, my friend then found out that I was suddenly on the job market too, and recruited me soon after!! It’s cool that simply staying in touch with an old colleague ended up helping both me and my sister with our job hunts.” – Paola, 25

The thing about jobs is that it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There are so many jobs out there ready for the taking, but people hardly find one simply because they’re looking for it in the wrong places. Don’t limit your opportunities! Maximize your job hunt. Read the newspaper. Surf the net. Talk to your friends. Ask a referral. There’s just so much you can do. Network your way to your dream job! You’re closer than you think. *wink wink*

girl being interviewed


2. Be punctual.

“When I applied for my job, I made sure to arrive early in the office. I think I came around 20-30 minutes earlier than my interview? Because of that, I had the time to freshen up from the commute, observe my future workplace and ask myself ‘Is this where I want to work?’, and even pray for my interview to go well. I was so nervous!! But most importantly, I really think being punctual left a good first impression on my future supervisors. I mean, look I got the job!” – Alex, 25

News flash: coming on time isn’t just for interviews. Being punctual starts the very moment you decided you’re ready to find a job. Since the marketplace is already crowded as it is, making time work to your advantage is one of the strategies you can do. Saw a recent job posting? Send in an application early. Called in for an interview? Come in at least thirty minutes before your schedule. It always pays to be early. Your future’s calling, don’t make it wait.

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3. Dress the part.

“Interviews are a big deal. You’re about to get a job, hopefully. So it’s a given that you wear something a little nicer than your usual. That’s why it really marked on me when I interviewed an applicant wearing a t-shirt, pants, and sneakers. I mean, can you imagine? Personally, I think you can wear whatever you want as long as it’s comfy and presentable. But then again, not THAT comfy. It’s a job interview. Dress your best!” – Chrisia, 21

The truth is, hiring managers see you before they get to know you. Make a good first impression the moment you step in the office! When you come in your best, you tell them you’re dead serious to get the job. Remember too that it’s not just what you wear but how you wear it. Observe good posture. And though we know it’s a hard thing to do but please. try. your. best. to. calm. down. Dress the part and make them look no further!

dress rehearsal


4. Take time to review.

“So I was being interviewed for this job. And everything seemed to be going pretty well. I mean, they were very vocal about how impressed they were of my experiences. I was also sharing my past involvements with their projects. Major brownie points! It’s just that when they asked me what the org’s acronym stands for, I really didn’t know. It’s embarrassing! It’s basic knowledge and I completely overlooked it. So that’s a lesson learned for me.” – Gel, 21

There’s nothing more impressive for hiring managers than an applicant who knows what he/she’s getting into, for reals. Do your homework and research! Review the company, the job position you’re applying for, the résumé you sent, and even industry-related information that might help you engage more in the interview. If you have the time to spare, do a background check on the interviewer! It’s always good to know who you’re talking to.

PS. Thou shall not call your interviewer with a wrong name.

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5. Ace the interview.

“There was this one time I interviewed an applicant which went well at first but completely lost it midway. I asked about her expected salary and she blurted out how pressured and unprepared she was to answer the question. I mean, it’s okay. You’re caught off-guard. That’s normal! But as much as possible, don’t put yourself in an awkward position. Alway, always think through your answers. Especially in an interview!” – Jeff, 22

After the review comes the interview. How you’re going to do at the interview is highly determined by how prepared you are. Practice is key! Before the interview, look up frequently asked questions so you can go and think through your answers. Better yet, ask a friend and practice your lines. The more you rehearse, the more you shake off that nervousness away. The more you shake off that nervousness, the more natural you’ll be during the interview. Nail it, tiger!

interview with a child


Finding a job is tough competition. Good thing, you know better! Keep these five job hunt practices in mind as you go get that dream job. Like they say, proper planning prevents poor performance. When you put these tips into action, the only thing companies need to know about you is that you came prepared. And the rest is history!

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