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5 Cool Jobs For Women With A TVL Background

Think the technical-vocational-livelihood (TVL) track is just for men? Several Filipina welders, cooks, and call center professionals beg to differ. Beyond widely known TVL jobs, though, there are plenty of unique career paths that women can pursue, such as the jobs below:

1. Master Tinkerer, a.k.a. CNC Manufacturer

CNC machine 

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing—also known as CNC machining—requires a background in programming or machine operation. A special code controls electro-mechanical devices or tools. The CNC equipment makes it possible to craft machine parts through precise measurements and precise movements. 

Becoming a CNC manufacturer might sound like a career that requires a four-year bachelor’s degree in Engineering. However, the TVL track can also be a stepping stone for this profession. Then, you can get certified for CNC machining jobs through TESDA’s Training Programs, such as Machining (NC I, NC II, NC III), CNC Lathe Machining Operations (NC II, NC III), and CNC Milling Machine Operations (NC II, NC III).

2. Professional Mermaid, a.k.a. Commercial Diver

Two divers wearing headgear

There are several companies that require “professional mermaids.” As a commercial diver, you’ll get to explore oceans or retrieve certain items (like hazardous materials) for companies. If you’re someone who isn’t squeamish, you can even take on the job of retrieving corpses.

The most common sect where divers are required, though, is the oil and gas industry. Businesses usually need skilled workers who can dive and do welding, construction, and maintenance at the same time. Obviously, you will need some training on diving and be comfortable in staying underwater aside from a Certificate of Competency.

3. Professional IG-Savvy Foodie, a.k.a. Food Stylist

taking photo of food

The TVL cookery or food and beverage courses don’t limit you to becoming a barista, baker, or cook. If you have an eye for making food look good on camera, on top of a culinary background, you can pursue a career as a food stylist.

As such, you could be sought after by agencies and publishing companies who require amazing photos of food and beverage for print ads, digital images, and videos. Food styling can be such a cool job, but not everyone has a knack for this career. The job can be challenging—just ask anyone who has tried shooting ice cream under hot studio lights or the warm sunshine outdoors!

4. Ethical Hacker, a.k.a. Computer Security Expert

hand on computer keyboard

Also dubbed “white hat hackers” or penetration testers, an ethical hacker gets paid to find the vulnerabilities of a company’s computer or information system. The main goal is to protect the company’s IT resources and data.

The computer security expert’s role is to assess, report, and recommend fixes for that objective. You can pursue this path when you have an info-tech course. To make the job sound even cooler, you can actually get a training under the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (not kidding!)

5. Pro Gamer, a.k.a. Video Game Tester

holding game controller

Here’s another interesting career for those who pursue the Information and Communications Technology strand of the TVL track. This job is also perfect for the growing tribe of female gamers in the country. Video game testing is one of those “dream jobs” where you get paid for something fun and something you’re passionate about.

As a video game tester, you can earn a living by playing video games and giving a detailed inspection of a game’s quality. These professionals help companies improve the games they develop and market. Alternatively or eventually, you may also pursue a career as a game designer, 2D or 3D artist, and developer for mobile apps.

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