5 Inspiring Workers In Mindanao And Their Advocacies
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5 Inspiring Workers In Mindanao And Their Advocacies

Are you happy with your current job? Do you feel burned out from all the emotional stress and physical exhaustion? Indeed, building a career can be challenging. Some people find themselves in decent-paying jobs but they’re not challenged. Others have a hard time surviving a day at work because they’re too tired to function. Lucky are the chosen few who find their passion in what they do. 

Read on for five inspiring stories that’ll teach us why we never have to work a day in our lives (if we find a job we love).

1) The Street Barber

After a tiring work week, wouldn’t anyone drop everything for some much-needed R&R? Not for this good samaritan.Terence Zabada spends his day-offs working yet again and this time in the busy streets of Davao City, offering barber services to homeless people for free! He believes that giving them a makeover will help boost their self-image and morale. 

Almost a year after since he was featured in the news pages and social media sites, Terence continued his services to the community. Hats off for Terrence! Not really for us to get a haircut, but in recognition of his hard work and service. 

Do you have the same skills and heart for service as Terrence does? Do you love to help people look good and feel great? Check out these schools which offer Beauty Care II course under Technical Vocation Education (TVE)  in Davao City 

2) Doctor to the Barrios

From one good samaritan to another, this next feat promises to offer medical services to the lumad communities. Having recently passed the Physician Licensure Exams, Dr. Jeannie Marie Salmasan, wants to serve the people of Paquibato, a remote lumad (Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao) community in Davao City. As a lumad from the Bagobo tribe herself, serving back has become a personal mission for Jeannie. 

Jeannie is among the newly licensed physicians who were also recipients of Davao City’s medical school scholarship programs under the Education Benefit System Unit (EBSU). Interested in a medical career to serve your community, like Jeannie? Check out the Med School Guide, tick off every bullet in the list, and get that license! 

3) Artsy Security Guard

Driven by the same amount of passion, Godofredo Elangos lives a double life as a security guard and a visual artist. Godofredo is a security guard at the University of Mindanao and was then assigned to the school’s library. Even without a formal art education, he was able to showcase excellent drawing skills. This talent was discovered after a student noticed Godofredo immersed in doing his craft while taking a break from his security guard duties. 

Godofredo continued to practice this talent by helping and accepting requests for doodles and portraits from students all for free. What are the chances that the tough-looking guy in uniform could be the next Picasso? Or that could be you as well! Be convinced of all the good reasons to pursue your passion for the Arts.

4) Extraordinary Teacher 

Aside from bright students and artistic security guards, schools are also home to super extra teachers! Teacher Carly John Condino is a school teacher in Sta. Ana Elementary School. He brightened up the classroom by placing rainbow-colored pillows on each student’s seat. The main purpose of the initiative is to make sure students will not keep on transferring from one seat to another. But ultimately, its goal is to provide a much more comfortable learning experience for the students.

If you dream of becoming a teacher one day and empowering kids on their educational journey, read our guide to become a teacher in the Philippines. 

5) Farmer Hero 

And with Mindanao being made of mostly agricultural land, let’s not forget to recognize our farmers! Koronado Apuzen is a lawyer and a farmer. He helped the indigenous farmers, particularly the Bagobo-Tagabawa farmers in Barangay Sibulan, gain a livelihood by strongly lobbying for markets to patronize organic farm produce. 

Apuzen was recently honored as a Datu Bago awardee in March 2019, for his service to the indigenous farmers. The Datu Bago Award is the highest award given by the City Government of Davao to Dabawenyos for outstanding, exemplary and selfless contribution to the growth and development of Davao City and for their invaluable contribution to the preservation of the Dabawenyo culture heritage.

More than the award, Apuzen most prized treasure is the success of the farming communities. And today, Barangay Sibulan is recognized as the first organic agriculture zone in Davao and in the whole of Mindanao.

Brave enough to help the less privileged communities take their plight to the national podium? Here’s how to start your own law school journey! 

Whether you become a barber, a school teacher, a lawyer, or any other job you land yourself in, there’s always a way to bring forth your advocacies along with the kind of work you do. Start by reaching out a helping hand and hope that it would inspire more people to do the same. At the end of the day, no jobs which are more rewarding than knowing how a simple gesture you do will change people’s lives for the better. 

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