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5 KDrama Offices For Your Dream Internship

There is nothing like a good, binge-worthy Korean drama after a long week in school.

Whether it’s a motivation to study harder in school or a way to de-stress from a difficult exam, these TV series have helped students become better and pushed them to ~fight~ for their dreams. (okay, we’re exaggerating a bit.)Fighting

As you start your internship, it’s important to prep yourself with work life so you can be every inch of daebak as an intern. And what better way than learning straight from our favorite characters, right? Get your fangirl heart ready and get insider tips for your internship from these five KDrama offices. Junbi doeeossnayo?


1. Always Law Firm, Touch Your Heart

Are you an aspiring lawyer? If yasss, then watching Touch Your Heart might just help familiarize you with courtroom cases and legal jargon enough to get you through your internship!

Know the legal process from start to finish, and see lawyers in action. Join the Always Law Firm family as they solve the country’s most controversial cases, eat premium beef for lunch, and fangirl over Oh Yeon Seo (played by Yoo In Na!) a.k.a. “my goddess, your goddess, the universe’s goddess.” Did we mention Lee Dong Wook as the lead actor, too?

Lee Dong Wook

Internship tips from Always Law Firm:

  • Come to work early.
  • Be efficient at work to avoid working overtime.
  • Wear proper work attire. Something comfortable to work around!


2. Ainsoft, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Dynamic work environment? Check. Creative people? Check. Cool office? Check. If you got your hands on tech, getting an internship at a tech company like Ainsoft must be a dream come true. (With Park Hyung Sik as the boss? Definitely!)

Peek into the creative process of video game development, and know what it’s like to work in a fast-paced environment! (Also, how to deal with difficult people in the office.) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s gotchu covered with all that, plus a little reminder that dreams do come true if you work hard enough for it. At least, that’s what happened with Do Bong Soon. Your dreams are up next!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Internship tips from Ainsoft:

  • Apply for an internship in your dream office.
  • Don’t be afraid to pitch your ideas to your boss.
  • Remember your why when the going gets tough.


3. Dong Hwa Hotel, Encounter

Getting a job is one thing. Getting a job in a reputable company is another. Go for the latter! Internships should prepare you for your future career so make sure to learn from no less than the best. (Specifically from people who understand the importance of prioritizing brand value over business profits.)

If you have a heart for serving people, taking an internship in the service industry like Encounter’s Dong Hwa Hotel should be the right fit. See how the seemingly small details like choosing the right shampoo scent to top-level decisions like expanding in a foreign country play an integral role in running the business. And the best part? You get to view it from an insider’s perspective. And of course, see guests enjoy their stay.

Park Bo Gum Encounter

Internship tips from Dong Hwa Hotel:

  • Know the company values and stand by it.
  • When in doubt, always consider the ‘people factor’ first.
  • Maintain a professional outlook at work even when you become friends with your officemates. #important


4. The Most Publishing, She Was Pretty

A magazine is worth more than just its cover story. It takes countless hours (read: weeks) of brainstorming, shooting, editing, running around, and more running around before it finally makes it on the display stand. To say the very least, it’s real work! Can you imagine seeing your name in one of it?

If the fast-paced life excites you, then scoring an internship in a publishing company like She Was Pretty’s The Most is the real deal! Get the adrenaline rush you need to get your creative juices flowing as you work with artists, writers, and editors like the brilliant Ji Sung Joon (Hello, Park Seo Joon!). If all else fails, there’s always Kim Shin Hyuk a.k.a. Choi Si Won to help you get back on your feet. Win-win!

She Was Pretty Choi Si Won

Internship tips from The Most Publishing:

  • Always go the extra mile. Hard work pays off!
  • Learn to say no especially in the case of abusive situations. (Looking right at ya, Han Seol!)
  • Don’t take work personally. Be professional when accepting constructive criticisms.


5. Yumyeon Group, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Working in a big company like the Yumyeon Group from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is an exciting training ground for young interns like you. Aside from an established name in the industry, resources and years’ worth of experiences are good points you can bank on. Make the most out of it!

Like Secretary Kim Mi So (Played by Park Min Young!), you can grow and progress in your career too through hard work and continuous learning. While not everyone has an impressive CV to begin with, good employers recognize potential when they see one. Prove them you have the talent and skills (and aura, iykwim) they’re looking for!   

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Internship tips from Yumyeon Group:

  • Embrace learning as part of professional growth.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from it instead!
  • Invest time to build a good relationship with your officemates. Maybe join an after-work dinner sometime?


If only work life is easy, we would all just be here winging it. But it’s not. Prepare for your internship like you would in a real job! Remember the insider tips from these KDramas, and apply it in IRL. While different jobs call for different approaches, it’s quite universal to give it your best- and trust us, you’ll never go wrong with that. Just ask your favorite oppas and unnies!

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