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5 Must-Have Skills For Call Center Applicants

Call centers offer high pay, great benefits and minimum requirements—attracting millions of Filipino job seekers. Unfortunately, it’s a common notion that employees don’t last long in this industry due to the stressful environment. 

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case.

[24]7.ai Philippines provides the ideal work environment for the young and young at heart. With their offices’ bright-colored interiors, music and video game rooms, plus friendly office atmosphere, it’s definitely the place for work and play. Moreover, the company offers rewarding job opportunities for college graduates and non-college graduates alike.

But how does one stand out among hundreds of other applicants and land a job in this field? To help you find your competitive edge, we asked the [24]7.ai Philippines team to share the skills that they look for in applicants.

Exude these five call center skills and you’ll ace that job application in no time!

  1. Communication skills

This tops the list of required call center skills—and for good reason. Working in customer service entails interaction with people day in and day out. Bring your a-game in showing your communication skills as early as the job interview. It would be helpful to polish your thought process, or the process of expressing yourself logically and clearly.

Here are a few pointers:

  • BE CONCISE. Get your point across with the least number of words. Don’t ramble. If you have too many experiences to share, start by telling the most appropriate one instead of rambling everything out in one go.
  • HAVE A SMOOTH FLOW OF SPEECH. If you want to sound smart, do not use fillers such as “I mean,” “it’s like,” and “you know.” Don’t be afraid to pause when considering an answer to a question.
  1. Keen eye for detail

A job in a call center, or any Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, entails working with complex procedures and protocols. You need to have great attention to detail so you can multitask without error.

“Keen eye for detail,” however, has become a cliche bullet point in resumes. So find a refreshing way to convey it in your resume.

Mention specific examples on when you demonstrated this skill.

Also, proofread! Proofread! Proofread! There’s no worse way to undermine your capabilities than by sending in a resume with grammar and spelling errors. Make your resume your first proof of your abilities; it should be error-free, relevant and organized.  

  1. Rapport building

Small things such as smiling, making eye contact and addressing your interviewer by their name go a long way. Most importantly, show genuine interest in the company and your interviewer. Your positivity will shine through in your interview.

After all, rapport building will prove to be a useful skill when turning an irate customer into a happy camper.

  1. Good negotiation skills

Good negotiation is the process of using your powers of persuasion, problem-solving, and people skills to achieve a win-win outcome when resolving a conflict.

Employers, even outside the BPO industry, highly value this skill. Before your interview, be prepared to share examples of how you put your negotiation skills into practice.

  1. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to understand the logical connection between facts. It is crucial to effective problem-solving.

Highlight your critical thinking skills in the interview by explaining how you’ve put your decision-making skills to work.

It could be the time you conducted research, consulted with appropriate sources, or weighed your options to come up with an important decision. You could even weave them into the conversation without being directly asked about your critical thinking skills.  

Think you got these call center skills down to a tee? You could be a perfect fit for the job opportunities at [24]7.ai Philippines! Cheers to finding a fulfilling job in a great work environment!

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