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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Applying For A Job

Ever had those moments where you wish you can go back in time and tell your younger self the things you know by now? Like drinking a glass of water before bed after a HOHOL with your barkadas? Or don’t rush into love? #hugot

As most fresh grads experience, applying for a job is undeniably one of the hardest stages after graduation. It might seem daunting, but preparation and the right mindset can set you on the right track. To help lessen your worries, I’m sharing with you some of the most valuable lessons I learned in my past job applications:

Build your network

They say that you never really understand the power of networking until it’s time to look for a job. Despite the digital age where jobs are posted everywhere online, studies show that being referred to a company boosts your chances of getting the position. Take all the chances you can get to increase your network. Whether it’s a social event you just attended or a colleague’s birthday party, treat each meeting as a potential opportunity!

Learn the art of negotiation

As a fresh grad with no working experience and struggling with your allowance, it’s easy to give in to any offers, regardless of the pay level. After all, when you’re broke, any salary seems okay, right? But here’s a NEWS FLASH: You shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate your pay.

Don’t undervalue your internship experiences or any training you attended in college. Make sure to highlight the skills that you learned from these experiences in your resume and during interviews. This will let employers know what you’re bringing on the table.

If you are not sure about the range of salary for your position, you can consult sites like Payscale and Salary.com.

Prepare for the job, really

The stories of people who got hired by sheer of luck are almost as rare as your chances of winning the lottery. Preparation is your best friend in any job application. Think you have the best resume and cover letter? Still use a spell checker. Received that interview invitation? Practice, practice, practice. Prepping that dress you’ll wear for the big day? Make sure it’s neat and follows the right dress code. Is your interview today? Never be late!

Get a feel for the company’s vibe

Aside from writing your best resume, wearing your power dress and acing your interviews, it’s also important to do deeper research about the company you’re applying to. While it may be tempting to accept a job offer that perfectly fit your skills and provides a high salary, getting a feel for the company culture is as essential as the other factors, too.

How do the employees you meet look like? Do they seem happy and motivated, or the other way around? Do you share the same values as the company or is it something you can work with? How do they invest in their employee’s development? If you’re not sure about the company, sites like Glassdoor and Jobstreet provide first-hand reviews from company employees.

Be patient

The interview is done. They said they’ll call in a week but it’s been two weeks now. When job application is taking longer than you might expect, staying patient and positive will help you get through this stage. Instead of looking down on yourself, there are other productive things you can do while still waiting for the “call”.

Rejected for the third time? Others even just got hired after their 10th or more application. Sometimes it may seem like there’s no job available for you and “finding the right job” might take eternity. Just remember that certainly, a job is out there. Chances are, someone in your dream company will leave. They might open for a new position and you can start your application again.

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