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5 Video Game Jobs For Your Gamer Heart

“Kaka-computer mo kasi,” your mom probably said to you at one point while scolding you for bad grades—blaming your failure on all that time you spent on playing Dota 2.  

For some people, “video games” and “career” sound like words that don’t belong together. “Games” bring to mind fun and play, while “career” seems to be a serious concern.

We’ve got some good news for ya: Your love of video games could lead to an actual career! In fact, revenue in the video game industry amounts to US$146 million (roughly Php 7.6 billion) in 2019. So now is the best time to channel your passion into something productive, learn game development skills, and explore video game jobs in this booming industry

Here are some common (and cool, TBH) specializations that go into making video games:

1. Game designer

selective focus photography of two persons playing game in front of monitors

Game designers can take on different roles. There are gameplay designers, level designers, and character designers.

Does putting together the elements of a game, from characters to story, sound like your kind of fun? How about coming up with ideas on how a game works? Designing games might be the perfect job for you!

2. Game artist

stylus on a graphics tablet

Got great drawing skills? Why not consider becoming a game artist?

Game artists deal with the visual side of video games. These specialists create 2D and 3D art for scenery, characters, clothing, objects, and other visible elements of a game.

The job gets even cooler: some artists are “technical artists” who mix art and science to make light behave a certain way, or design technology that makes a fabric look realistic.

Game artists can also specialize in animation, breathing life and movement into a game’s characters and environments.

3. Game coder/programmer

coding workstation

Game coders are the technical masterminds behind a video game. In a nutshell, they create the code that makes a game work. The role is a mix of creative and technical skills. While code is the magic that brings ideas to life, coding also influences the ideas and gameplay of a game.

4. Game writer

girl typing on laptop

Any legit gamer will know that game story is no longer as simple as “three lives; save the world.” Games now have intricate and beautiful storytelling. Combine your love of writing and video games by becoming a game writer!

Build worlds and provide back-stories to help players and fellow developers understand a game world and character motivations; create game worlds that make sense, are believable, and feel authentic. Your words and ideas will be the heart and soul of a video game.

While the path to becoming a game writer is not that straightforward, the job requires similar writing skills and qualifications to that of writers for films, TV, and so on.

5. Game tester

two people playing Sony PS4 game console

Getting paid to play video games? Sounds like every gamer’s dream come true!

And, mind you, the job requires some serious skills. Game testers need a keen eye for details to monitor and report errors in a game. Moreover, some gaming companies require software testing experience, great communication skills (to write reports), and understanding of hardware.

Game testers are basically QA (quality assurance) specialists who make sure a game works on the consoles it is designed for, and that the elements of a game work smoothly.

You’ve got the passion and now all you need is to know where to go from here; finding the right training is a good start. Search and apply online to a STEM course that will prepare you for your dream career in video games.