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6 Interesting Careers For Biology Graduates

Biology is one of the most popular science courses among college students. This field tackles facts about the life of humans, animals, and other organisms. And there’s a wide range of careers in Biology that you can choose from after you graduate!

Biology branches out to interesting fields that deal with different forms of life. Have you ever heard of Microbiology or Forensic Biology? Keep on reading to learn about interesting careers you can pursue after finishing a Biology degree!

1. Food Scientist

food scientist pouring liquid into glass container

Source: careerthoughts.com

As a food scientist, you’re going to study and experiment with food using Biology and Chemistry principles. The job of a food scientist is to analyze the nutritional value of food, discover new food sources, and conduct research to ensure food safety for people.

2. Forensic Biologist

holding tweezers and glass vial

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Just think about Barry Allen in the Flash series to imagine how forensic biologists work. These professionals inspect crime scenes and analyze evidence like blood, saliva, and hair. Forensic biologists are also needed in court hearings to testify and share their findings. 

3. Conservation Scientist

conservation scientist in forest

Source: careergirls.org

Your biology degree can also lead to a career as a conservationist. Your job will be to protect and manage the Earth’s natural resources. Conservation scientists usually work with the government through organizations like the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and  Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

As a conservation scientist, you will play a crucial role in promoting ecological balance in the environment. Hats off for protecting Mother Earth!

4. Zoologist

arms carrying an otter

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Zoologists study animals. Once you become a zoologist, you’re going to have an in-depth study about different species. You’ll also learn to understand animal behavior and how humans impact their lives (and vice versa). 

5. Geneticist

geneticist in laboratory

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As a geneticist, you’ll be working in hospitals, but you can also do full-time research work. You will be dealing with the study of genes, heredity, and organisms. Geneticists study different ways on how to diagnose, prevent, and cure diseases to help health institutions treat patients.

6. Microbiologist


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Microbiology deals with the study of tiny living organisms like bacteria, algae, and fungi. That’s why microbiologists are in demand in the health, agriculture, and industrial sectors. These professionals are tasked to find solutions for diseases and environmental damage caused by microbes.

Everywhere you go, you can trace the importance of studying Biology. The knowledge we get from this field helps us sustain life on Earth, from plants, animals, to human beings!

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