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A Student’s Guide To Career Guidance

When you were younger, you might have heard people say you can be anything in the world.

A doctor.

A president.

An astronaut.

A superhero.


And they’re right—you can.

But somewhere along that line, they must have missed out the part where you realize which one out of all those possibilities will be your reality. Sure, you can be anything you want to be but how do you know exactly which path to take?

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Often times in school, this is what they call career guidance. It usually comes in small bites of career talks and professional consultations that make students more deliberate in creating the future of their dreams a.k.a. being aware of their personal interests and making the right choice in school and course.

Do you already know what you want to do after graduation?

Whether you already have a job in mind, still weighing your options, or completely have no idea where you’re heading next (don’t worry, it’s okay!), we suggest you take note of these five easy DIY tips for your career guidance. Ya ready?


1. Read. Read. Read.

There’s hardly any topic that hasn’t been written about. And that means, your passions and interests are out there waiting to be picked up on a shelf and read! Feed your curiosity with good books that’ll enlighten you about the possible careers you want.

You can learn from someone’s journey to becoming a CEO or get insights from world-renowned leaders all by flipping through a book. Or if you’re not much of a book person, there’s always short-form blogs to scroll through. Read, read, read!

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2. Follow your career pegs.

Thanks to technology, particularly social media, following people doesn’t have to take much effort. And by follow, we mean intentional listening, watching, and learning from career pegs you can draw inspiration from as you figure things out in your own career.

Say if you’re interested in business, which entrepreneurs should you follow? If multimedia production, which creatives do you look up to? There’s A LOT of people who have gone ahead of you in their careers, and the best way to go through yours is to learn from them.

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3. Maximize career guidance opportunities.

If you’re a junior or senior in school, chances are you have at least attended one career talk in your student life (and you like it because that means classes are #cancelledt!). Whether it’s a distinguished alumnus or a successful personality in a particular field, schools make it a point to have these mini career orientations every now and then to help you get an idea of possible job opportunities you can pursue.

Make sure though that you don’t just sit there and pass the time,  but actually listen and engage in the conversation. Even ask questions! Who knows, you might find your calling right there and then.

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4. Have “the talk” with the right people.

Career guidance isn’t just about learning from experts in the field, it’s also about heeding wisdom straight from the people around you a.k.a. people who know you best. This may include your family, friends, academic adviser, life coach, and even your tito’t tita who might have career advice to share over meryenda. Call ’em up and set a date! Sometimes, the answer to your most important questions is right under your nose.

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5. Make Edukasyon your BFF.

This is a #shamelessplug but yassss. We’re friendly and we want to help you here at Edukasyon! We understand that choosing a career can be a lil’ bit more daunting than it seems, and there’s simply no easy way to get there but with the right information and opportunities. Explore our website and check out our list of courses, schools, and scholarships. Hey, we can’t wait for you to go and live out your dream career every day!


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