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An Ultimate Guide to OJTs in the Philippines

Your educational journey doesn’t mean you have to limit your options to academics. At some point in your senior high school and college lives, you’ll be compelled to join at least one internship, either as a requirement or as a career opportunity, and these opportunities are a great help to your career after college as well!

Believe it or not, employers find your extracurriculars more important, and on-the-job trainings (or OJTs, for short) can spice up your resume for prospective employers!

Learn more on how joining an OJT in the Philippines can help you:

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To our fellow Senior High School students, are you in need of internships but don’t know how to get one? We’ve got you covered with a guide that can help you nab that OJT!

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Are you thinking of taking your higher education abroad? Internships may not be required for school applications, but it can really impress school representatives if you’ve balanced your internships with academics.

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Should you take a gap year before taking on your college life? Contrary to popular belief, taking a gap year isn’t as bad as it looks! Learn how this can enrich your education and career.

Should You Join Extracurricular Activities, Even Though You’re Not Required?

With your acads in full swing, should you allot hours for extra-curriculars like school orgs or internships? Read this piece to know why those extra hours can do good for you in the future.

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