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AWS Educate Offers Online Training For These Cool Web Based Jobs

Do you remember life before iPhones, Netflix, or Spotify? In case you haven’t realized, these advancements have only been around for about 10 years, and have only become globally popular in the past 3 to 5 years.  

The technologies that create these developments are becoming more specialized by the day. That’s why web based jobs are an interesting topic in today’s educational space. Not only does the field open up specialized tracks, but it also shapes the world of education as we know it.

Edukasyon.ph has recently partnered with Amazon’s AWS Educate to equip you for careers of the future! Did we mention that you can register at no cost?

Learn more about this opportunity here, or see registration instructions below!

In the meantime, here are four web based jobs you can pursue after taking your online training via AWS Educate:  

1. Data Scientist

If you like crunching numbers and discovering the patterns behind it, you should look into becoming a data scientist. Data scientists are almost everywhere in today’s technologically advanced world, from backing big business decisions to understanding human behavior.

In exploring your path to becoming a data scientist, you will master the skill of analyzing digital data, get your hands dirty with statistics, and learn how to best tell stories with the data you handle!

2. Application Developer

Have you ever used a web or mobile app and thought, “This could have been made better?”

Well, if you’re interested in creating human-centered apps, you might want to become an application developer. Learn how to code in different languages, and build useful and valuable apps for Windows OS, Mac OSX, and so much more!

3. DevOps Engineer

The DevOps (Development and Operations) engineer plays a crucial role in any software-related or web-based industry.

Lots of learning opportunities await you in this career path: Familiarize yourself with deployment and network operations. Plus, you get to plan and test out cool, new features that go into every software or web-based product!   

4. Machine Learning Scientist

Ever wonder how Netflix and Spotify are able to make recommendations that match your taste?

Behind every informed recommendation is a machine learning scientist! Learn how to program computers to learn from data. Build your own algorithms, create problem-solving scripts, and dip your toes into artificial intelligence. Machine learning is definitely one of the most searched careers of the future. Begin your exploration into this career path today!

After deciding which web based job interests you the most, the next thing to do is to prepare for your dream job!

But wait, how do I know if these careers are for me?

There are many easy ways to explore these different careers of the future.

Edukasyon.ph, in partnership with Amazon’s AWS Educate, provides learning material for all the career paths mentioned above. Moreover, registration is free! Just follow the instructions below to sign up.

    1. Click this sign up form.
    2. Select “Edukasyon.ph” as your institution name.
    3. Fill out the rest of your information and click “next.”
    4. Select AWS Educate Starter Account.
    5. Verify your email address to set up your password, and begin!

AWS Educate is for students aged 14 and older, and your graduation date has to be a future date.