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Become A Website Content Writer In 4 Steps

Everyone has a story to tell. Some people are just better at putting it into words.

Thanks to technology, being a writer nowadays doesn’t have to mean getting a Ph.D. in journalism or publishing a best-selling book (although we’d love that, too). With companies going digital, people can turn their love for writing into a profession as a website content writer! And by website content writer, we mean writers who produce content for the web. Did we mention content writing is an in-demand job? *wink wink*


If you’re interested to start a career as a website content writer, bring out your pen and paper, and take note of these four easy steps to building a writing career!


STEP 1: Build your portfolio.

Gone are the days when a communications degree is required for a writing job. However, you will need a portfolio. How else would they know if you’re fit for the job, right?

Depending on the company, you can prepare 3-5 writing samples that will showcase your writing skills. Do you have a favorite piece you wrote recently? Did you get a good grade in a particular paper? Choose your sample work that best represents you as a writer!

Blogs, newspapers, magazines, or journals are good opportunities to start building your portfolio. Even school assignments and internship outputs count! If you haven’t written much at all, don’t worry. You can always start from a blank page. Start writing today!

These articles might help you get your creative juices flowing:


STEP 2: Determine what you want to write about professionally.

The writing industry is a big territory to cover and, mind you, there are a lot of players already. You have to stand out! Write new content even with old topics by giving it your own spin. Take note of these three writing essentials:


Knowing your audience is the first rule in writing. Your words—no matter how beautifully crafted—are useless if your readers don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Make sure to get your message across!

As a writer, it’s important that you know who your audience is, what their needs are, and how you can help fulfill those needs. Are you writing to empower students to make better educational choices (that’s what we do at Edukasyon!), or do you want to help single working moms manage their busy schedule? When you’ve identified your audience, translating thoughts into written words becomes easier.


Here’s a fact: Your best work comes from writing about things you know best. Sure, writers who can write about a wide range of topics are great! But don’t be pressured to cover everything right away. For starters, you can identify your niche or a specialized topic you feel comfortable writing about. From there, you can explore more topics along the way!

What major did you take in college? Who are the thought leaders you follow? What topics do you like reading about? These questions could lead you to some subject areas you can start with. (Think of it as professional fangirling!)

P.S. You won’t get to choose the topic to write about all the time. In this scenario, you can build up on your area of expertise and do your research.

Writing style

No two writers are the same. Give them the same topic, and they’ll each have their own ways of fleshing out ideas. Can you recognize whether a book excerpt was written by John Green or Haruki Murakami? It’s called a writing style! Simply put, a writing style or voice is a writer’s identity.

A good website content writer has a unique writing style but, at the same time, is flexible enough to understand and follow a brand’s voice. As you continue to write, you’ll develop your own writing style, too. Just don’t forget to experiment and learn other writing styles! That’s how you become more in demand as a website content writer.


STEP 3: Upgrade your technical skills.

Writing for different platforms means using different approaches. If print publications rely on circulation and newsstand sales, website content writing relies on subscriptions and search volumes. Before you zone out with these technical terms, here are three important things to remember when you start writing:


Well-researched content is well-written content. Put your intensive research skills to good use! Write accurate, informative, and engaging content. After all, a good website content writer is a good researcher first.


If this is the first time you encountered this acronym, don’t worry. This is just the first of the gazillion times you’re gonna use SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization as a website content writer. Simply put, digital marketers apply this practice to make their websites more visible on the Internet.

As a writer, you’ll be trained to write SEO content to increase readers and drive traffic to your brand’s page. More on that when you actually start your job!

Social Media

The job of a website content writer is not just limited to writing. As a tech-savvy generation, your work would require you to be familiar and adept with different social media to make your brand more visible in the online world.

Do you like writing captions for your latest Facebook post or curating your Instagram feed for #aesthetic? Well, chances are, you’ll be needing those skills for your work, too. That won’t be so hard for you though, right?


STEP 4: Apply for a content writing job!

Now that you know what to write about and you’re equipped with the right technical skills, you’re ready to get the job! Tbh, there are a lot of job openings for website content writer in the market; it’s just a matter of finding which company fits you best. Here are three places you can look for a job!


More often than not, the job is already within your circle. Ask friends for job openings in their content department! They can vouch for your writing skills. Plus, HR considers employee referrals as a priority, too.

Job recruitment websites

With thousands of job openings online, recruitment websites are heaven-sent. Now you can compare job openings in different companies all at once. Awesome!

Check out websites like GrabJobs, Glassdoor, Kalibrr, and Jobstreet for website content writer job openings. The opportunities are calling!


Yup, you read that right! We’d love to be a part of your writing journey. If you have a knack for words, and a heart for education and the Filipino youth, contribute to the blog. Just send us your CV and writing portfolio at [email protected]!



Planning content, brainstorming ideas, and writing. If these three things excite you, chances are, a website content writer career is a perfect match for you! Remember these four easy steps and jump into the creative side of the online world. Your first article is waiting to be written!

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